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No Name Event DistrictVolPage
628Albert Edward J Danforth September 1873Barnsley9c180
5404Franklin Hallas September 1873Huddersfield9a333
2419Thomas Oxtaby Hammerton September 1873Barnsley9c153
7279Anne Heywood September 1873Huddersfield9a329
5493Phillip Pell September 1873Huddersfield9a319
6810Lewis William Smith September 1873Huddersfield9a313
5411Ernest Silverwood September 1873Hunslet9b276
970Isabella Sykes September 1873Barnsley9c147
6871Alice Vowles September 1873Clifton6a176
6870Thomas Vowles September 1873Clifton6a176
3417Lucy Hammerton December 1873Sheffield9c520
2404William Oswald Harrison December 1873Chesterfield7b631
8169Emily Nora G Hey December 1873Huddersfield9a377
8156Gertrude Elizabeth Hey December 1873Huddersfield9a263
4569Fanny Key December 1873Sheffield9c541
2805Edith Hammerton December 1873Sheffield9c516
5717Ada Place December 1873Hunslet9b325
4966Harry Scott December 1873Wortley9c233
3787Henry Scrivens December 1873Gloucester6a268
4823Ethel Mary Silverwood December 1873Huddersfield9a284
7152Mary Ann Senior December 1873Wortley9c229
5445Benjamin Turner December 1873Barnsley9c192
8629Florence Bell March 1874Barnsley9c159
5222Gertrude Braithwaite March 1874Wortley9c268
529Annie Elizabeth Danforth March 1874Rotherham9c655
6832Mary Ann Hammerton March 1874Wakefield9c4
3580Joseph Henry Lomas March 1874Manchester8d344
702Emily Lythgoe March 1874Wigan8c4
6454Alice Ratcliffe March 1874Leigh8c240
3541Minnie Winder March 1874Barnsley9c217
3184William Batty June 1874Barnsley9c193
6786Alfred Dalby June 1874Newent6a258
1015Harry Danforth June 1874Caistor7a646
6759Henry Hammerton June 1874Wakefield9c5
8132William Henry Holroyd June 1874Huddersfield9a420
5002Lilly Hoyle June 1874Huddersfield9a322
1542Mary Mallinson June 1874Barnsley9c205
7117Robert William Nield June 1874Manchester8d286
5228Sydney Marsh June 1874Wortley9c274
5587Esther Mellor June 1874Wakefield9c33
712Esther Jane Scrivens June 1874Birmingham6d121
1987Mary Anne Taylor June 1874Birkenhead8a530
6842Mary Elizabeth Webster June 1874Wortley9c232
8869Lydia Ann Woodcock June 1874Dewsbury9b683
1876James Worthington June 1874Durham10a536
3190Florence Allen September 1874Barnsley9c157
8642Thomas Bradley September 1874Keighley9a219
3559William Henry Collier September 1874Barnsley9c211
2028Ruth Farrimond September 1874Aukland10a326
8043Sarah Elizabeth Fish September 1874Barnsley9c150
5071Beaumont Fisher September 1874Huddersfield9a313
638Minnie Gummerson September 1874Barnsley9c196
2701Charles Henry Hammerton September 1874Wolverhampton6b527
6816George William Hammerton September 1874Huddersfield9a321
8082Agnes Hey September 1874Huddersfield9a325
7073Eliza Mary Neale September 1874Stroud6a318
5250Agnes Silverwood September 1874Huddersfield9a315
1355Annie Rebecca Taylor September 1874Wortley9c237
7115Florence Beever September 1874Wortley9c236
725Willie Walter Bullock December 1874Barnsley9c202
2380Ann Elizabeth Hammerton December 1874Wakefield9c18
4616Selina Hammerton December 1874Dartford21391
5635William Holroyd Hartley December 1874Dewsbury9b621
1398Ada Littlewood December 1874W. Bromwich6b817
1922Peter Worthington December 1874Wigan8c126
530Herbert Ernest Danforth March 1875Rotherham9c655
6125John William Dodgson March 1875Wakefield9c6
5458Richard Fawcett March 1875Barnsley9c214
2715George Herbert L Hammerton March 1875Barnsley9c215
7330Edward Leadbeater March 1875Wakefield9c82
1326Alice Mellor March 1875Barnsley9c211
3508Sarah Alice Mitchell March 1875Halifax9a466
5012Arthur Silverwood March 1875Huddersfield9a300
5412Harry Silverwood March 1875Hunslet9b317
5096Elizabeth Silverwood March 1875Wakefield9c2
2450George Robert Thickett March 1875Barnsley9c180
6872Mary Ann Vowles March 1875Clifton6a195
7527Harriet Whitwam March 1875Huddersfield9a394
7089Frances Mary Wortley March 1875Huddersfield9a295
8601Eliza Banks June 1875Barnsley9c224
8600Emma Banks June 1875Barnsley9c223
5442Walter Beevors June 1875Barnsley9c225
851Clara Ellen Danford June 1875Rotherham9c624
7296Beatrice Elizabeth Hopkinson June 1875Ormskirk8b749
5337Rachel Ann Silverwood June 1875Wortley9c244
7325James Clarkson Stubley June 1875Dewsbury9b739
5446Thomas Cornelius Turner June 1875Barnsley9c207
7099Clara Wortley June 1875Huddersfield9a332
8766Sarah Bradbury September 1875Prestwich8d446
606Elizabeth Brailsford September 1875Barnsley9c227
8201Annie Broadbent September 1875Wakefield9c3
1993James Whiteley Brook September 1875Leeds9b551
5320Annie Crossley September 1875Wortley9c247
2405Norton Hammerton Harrison September 1875Chesterfield7b625
8761Adelina Heylin September 1875Barton8c579
9258Martha Aniie Hollyoak September 1875Barnsley9c203
5068Matthew Silverwood September 1875Wakefield9c2
2839Lilian Oxtaby Bowskill December 1875Barnsley9c197
7481Ernest Bunting December 1875Bakewell7b700
2420Emma Oxtaby Hammerton December 1875Barnsley9c167
2800Harriett Hammerton December 1875Rotherham9c667
2400Jonas Hammerton December 1875Barnsley9c221
8133Annie Elizabeth Holroyd December 1875Halifax9a413
8286William George Holyoake December 1875Cirencester6a361
5326Fanny Stanley December 1875Huddersfield9a293
8821Ethel Matthews Blacker March 1876Wakefield9c4
8718Clara Louisa Hill March 1876Wolverhampton6b605
4179Eliza Jackson March 1876Sheffield9c504
731Nathan Charles Jubb March 1876Barnsley9c250
3224George Morrell March 1876Barnsley9c222
7118Percy Ethelwald Nield March 1876Prestwich9d429
8238Charlesworth Taylor March 1876Huddersfield9a318
3542Joseph Henry Winder March 1876Barnsley9c248
1921Abraham Worthington March 1876Wigan8c131
7193Annie Worthington March 1876Bolton8c525
3191Myra Allen June 1876Barnsley9c206
629Charles Danforth June 1876Barnsley9c232
1016Emily Ethel Danforth June 1876Caistor7a656
2709Isaiah Farrimond June 1876Wigan8c131
5405Sarah Alice Hallas June 1876Huddersfield9a334
6760Thomas Hammerton June 1876Wakefield9c1
5533Edward Huckle June 1876Rochdale8e5
7419Annie Maude Marsden June 1876Wortley9c259
1823Eliza Sanderson June 1876Barnsley9c198
5289Sarah Hannah Silverwood June 1876Saddleworth9a281
8202Alice Broadbent September 1876Wakefield9c6
2716Clarice Maude Hammerton September 1876Sheffield9c592
1544Emma Mallison September 1876Barnsley9c221
569Emily Ellen M Scrivens September 1876Birmingham6d26
4959Lavinia Silverwood September 1876Dewsbury9b729
5443Annie Elizabeth Beevors December 1876Barnsley9c233
802George Cawley December 1876Barnsley9c208
885Mary Danforth December 1876Caistor7a651
2895James Hill Gummerson December 1876Ipswich4a664
6817James Laurence Hammerton December 1876Wakefield9c1
2473Edward Hellewell December 1876Barnsley9c225
7525Walter Hey December 1876Huddersfield9a393
5720Harriet Ann Peel December 1876Holbeck9b370
6138Roundall Russell December 1876Pontefract9c107
692John Edward Scrivens December 1876Birmingham6d68
3788John Scrivens December 1876Gloucester6a312
713Louisa Ann Scrivens December 1876Birmingham6d102
975Frederick O'Connor Sykes December 1876Barnsley9c210
6843Ida Webster December 1876Wortley9c245
7140Amon Cox March 1877Wortley9c284
5321Ben Crossley March 1877Wortley9c281
4617Thomas Hammerton March 1877Dartford2a430
644Martha Jessop March 1877Barnsley9c194
6792Gertrude Mary Kilner March 1877Huddersfield9a328
5164John Thomas Mouser March 1877Wakefield9c97
6455Annie Ratcliffe March 1877Leigh8c288
4997Henry Silverwood March 1877Wortley9c286
5199Squire Silverwood March 1877Pontefract9c142
5447Thomas Cornelius Turner March 1877Barnsley9c2
7090Eleanor Wortley March 1877Huddersfield9a341
2797Isaac Henry Brockbank June 1877Whitehaven10b687
1947Joseph Farrimond June 1877Wigan8c141
2702Fred Rooke Hammerton June 1877Wolverhampton6b598
2406Sydney Parnell Harrison June 1877Chesterfield7b685
5207James Henry Hinchcliff June 1877Huddersfield9a320
8134Emily Holroyd June 1877Halifax9a426
8981Arthur Milthorp June 1877Barnsley9c193
5413Fred Silverwood June 1877Carlisle10b506
5069Mary Ann Silverwood June 1877Wakefield9c5
1994Mabel Brook September 1877Leeds9b574
8301Ada Mary Cove September 1877Northleach6a391
8298Edith Harriet Croucher September 1877Bromley2a364
8044Charlotte Fish September 1877Barnsley9c161
639Ethel Fellowes Gummerson September 1877Barnsley9c186
7557Mary Emma Hannigan September 1877Barnsley9c197
8061Richard Hey September 1877Barnsley9c206
4430Herbert Hodgson September 1877Dewsbury9b631
7331Mary Leadbeater September 1877Wakefield9c82
8638Annie Elizabeth Padgett September 1877Barnsley9c169
5342Walter Silverwood September 1877Bradford9b27
4235Edward Stephenson September 1877Caistor7a613
3781Charles Vowles September 1877Barton R6a178
5162George ALbert Wood September 1877Barnsley9c210
8809Clara Woodhead September 1877Huddersfield9a318
7100Nellie Wortley September 1877Huddersfield9a315
3192Lucy Allen December 1877Barnsley9c185
8255Herbert Berry December 1877Huddersfield9a322
7294Hannah Elizabeth Clare December 1877Warrington8c175
2029Maria Farrimond December 1877Aukland10a241
3501William Edward Foster December 1877Bradford9b157
736William Frederick Green December 1877Barnsley9c224
6449James Grounds December 1877Leigh8c271
2421Ernest Oxtaby Hammerton December 1877Barnsley9c209
6798Arnold Kilner December 1877Huddersfield9a322
2840Herbert Harry Oxtaby December 1877Barnsley9c181
1814Alfred Richardson December 1877Barnsley9c236
6849Henry Senior December 1877Wortley9c251
5097Annie Silverwood December 1877Wakefield9c1
7142Calley Haigh Silverwood December 1877Wortley9c256
5338Lucy Silverwood December 1877Wortley9c263
899Ann Elizabeth Townend December 1877Barnsley9c213
3543Herbert Gladstone Winder December 1877Barnsley9c245
8630Mary Alice Bell March 1878Barnsley9c198
5223Edith Braithwaite March 1878Chesterfield7b714
7299Mary Jane Buckley March 1878Huddersfield9a306
886Edith Danforth March 1878Caistor7a674
1017Violet Danforth March 1878Caistor7a680
2748Ernest Francis Hamilton March 1878Colchester4a364
5214Gertrude Silverwood March 1878Sheffield9c576
5251Irving Silverwood March 1878Huddersfield9a301
4142Mary Jane Teal March 1878Barnsley9c199
3186Esther Batty June 1878Barnsley9c194
8993George William Beevers June 1878Barnsley9c217
726Gertrude Bullock June 1878Barnsley9c245
6761Susanna Hammerton June 1878Wakefield9c3
8170Alfred Ellis P Hey June 1878Huddersfield9a435
9329Richard Humfrays June 1878Barnsley9c239
4159John Liley June 1878Dewsbury9b706
4189Lavinia Lythgoe June 1878Wigan8c1
1545Annie Mallinson June 1878Barnsley9c250
1327Walter Mellor June 1878Barnsley9c234
891Ezra Sanderson June 1878Barnsley9c210
570Leah Love U Scrivens June 1878Birmingham6d54
7482Fred Bunting September 1878Bakewell7b750
8843Ada Carter September 1878Northallerton9d655
3560Gertrude Collier September 1878Barnsley9c202
3816Edwin Frank Cresswell September 1878Westbury S.6a249
547Ernest Danforth September 1878Sheffield9c484
1019John William Danforth September 1878Wortley9c257
4378Ellen Hammerton September 1878Pontefract9c121
2397Hollin Hammerton September 1878Barnsley9c204
7281Ruth Hannah Haywood September 1878Wakefield9c3
5534Mary Ann Huckle September 1878Preston8e566
4563Louisa Hunt September 1878Sheffield9c543
5230Ellen Ibbotson September 1878Wortley9c279
7153Charles Senior September 1878Wortley9c244
7446John Casey December 1878Sheffield9c554
2710Esther Farrimond December 1878Burnley8e211
8045Alfred Fish December 1878Barnsley9c162
8671Alfred Henry Fuller December 1878Caistor7a676
5406Robert Hallas December 1878Huddersfield9a326
2806Anne Hammerton December 1878Sheffield9c504
7415Mary Ellen Mason December 1878Barnsley9c216
2837Herbert Oates December 1878Barnsley9c194
5678George Oxley December 1878Dewsbury9b628
8251Constance Ramsden December 1878Huddersfield9a310
7128Maria Mary Scrivens December 1878Barton R6a192
5017William Henry Silverwood December 1878Huddersfield9a313
3198Edith Ellen Sorby December 1878Sheffield9c568
8239Sam Taylor December 1878Huddersfield9a310
3544Ann Elizabeth Winder December 1878Barnsley9c247
3545Ben Winder December 1878Barnsley9c247
852Lilian Edith Youdan December 1878Rotherham9c616
4242Alice Bell March 1879Sheffield9c597
551George Henry Danforth March 1879Rotherham9c642
853Ernest William Danford March 1879Masbro9c640
6818Richard Wood Hammerton March 1879Huddersfield9a343
5265Job Hampshaw March 1879Huddersfield9a307
5208Hester Elizabeth Hinchcliff March 1879Huddersfield9a308
8135Charles Frederick Holroyd March 1879Halifax9a419
714Leah Scrivens March 1879Birmingham6d115
2930Annie Gertrude Shelton March 1879Colchester4a396
5414Violet Silverwood March 1879Carlisle10b468
6831Daniel Ward March 1879Huddersfield9a348
6844Thomas Henry Webster March 1879Wortley9c260
7091Joe Wortley March 1879Huddersfield9a329
5322Ruth Crossley June 1879Wortley9c258
887Alfred Danforth June 1879Caistor7a641
3502Arthur Foster June 1879Bradford9b171
738Clarissa Green June 1879Barnsley9c214
7000Edmund Law Hacking June 1879Rochdale8e106
4248Mabel Eleanor Hammerton June 1879Sheffield9c585
2507Annie Gertrude Kirk June 1879Ecclesall B.9c381
7843Florence Lilley June 1879Wakefield9c63
4147Ann Elizabeth Lister June 1879Hemsworth9c155
5582Elizabeth Ann Mather June 1879Chesterfield7b731
5270James Herbert Radcliffe June 1879Saddleworth9a277
693Hetty Scrivens June 1879Birmingham6d53
5104Harry Silverwood Waterworth June 1879Manchester8d313
3238Mary Isabel Williamson June 1879Aukland10a237
3209Michael Barrington September 1879Wigan8c35
8240Sarah Jane Colley September 1879Rotherham9c587
3561George Edwin Collier September 1879Barnsley9c227
5425Charlotte Alice Danby September 1879Leeds9b537
4173Charles Garrett September 1879Sheffield9c404
6450Mary Grounds September 1879Leigh8c263
2703Ethel Hammerton September 1879Wolverhampton6b539
8062Joseph Hey September 1879Barnsley9c189
882Ada Newman September 1879Sturminster5a240
6850Joseph Senior September 1879Wortley9c241
5518Samuel Willie Silverwood September 1879Wortley9c251
5252Percy Silverwood September 1879Huddersfield9a313
8631George Bell December 1879Barnsley9c173
2798Ellen Brockbank December 1879Whitehaven10b589
7157Harry Crossland December 1879Wortley9c274
3237Mary Elizabeth Hawley December 1879Sheffield9c509
7526Isabella Hey December 1879Huddersfield9a389
9165Alice Hughes December 1879Barnsley9c218
9065Hannah Isabella Jameson December 1879Wortley9c245
7332Sarah Leadbeater December 1879Wakefield9c84
2911Mary Elizabeth Mulligan December 1879Barnsley9c177
2841George Edward Oxtaby December 1879Barnsley9c181
2900Elizabeth Pawson December 1879Great Ouseburn9a93
1815Elizabeth Richardson December 1879Barnsley9c199
8790Edith Annie Shaw December 1879Huddersfield9a332
5277Ann Moss Silverwood December 1879Ashton8d531
5291Mary Alice Silverwood December 1879Lincoln7a549
5343Emily Silverwood December 1879Bradford9b40
5328Florence Stanley December 1879Huddersfield9a284
5327Foster Stanley December 1879Huddersfield9a284
5449Mary Turner December 1879Barnsley9c201
4288Robert Weatherhead December 1879Bradford9b151
1923Esther Ann Worthington December 1879Wigan8c115
7143Asa Silverwood Ellis March 1880Wortley9c260
1948Matilda Farrimond March 1880Wigan8c93
7022William Arthur Gardner March 1880Gloucester6a317
2749Alfred George Hamilton March 1880Brentford3a61
4564Ellen Lucy Hunt March 1880Sheffield9c566
699Edith May Lythgoe March 1880Wigan8c3
7879George Pemberton March 1880Sheffield9c472
6167Herbert Pickering March 1880Sheffield9c491
7120James Henry Vowles March 1880Barton R6a201
3546Ernest Bright Winder March 1880Barnsley9c251
3193Ruth Allen June 1880Barnsley9c196
8705Edith Emma Barrett June 1880Barton R.6a141
5220John Charles Brooks June 1880Sheffield9c602
752Annie Maud Bullock June 1880Barnsley9c22_
8302Wilfred George Cove June 1880Northleach6a419
8046Spencer Fish June 1880Barnsley9c169
2422John Oxtaby Hammerton June 1880Barnsley9c176
8607Annie Hey June 1880Barnsley9c218
5535Fanny Huckle June 1880Salford8d12
7284Ada Parker June 1880Barnsley9c239
5524John William Pimbory June 1880Hoxne4a673
5215Barbara Silverwood June 1880Sheffield9c586
7986Isabella Rose Stephens June 1880Barnsley9c209
4236Eleanor Stephenson June 1880Caistor7a691
976Harriet Sykes June 1880Barnsley9c200
7737Alice Watkin June 1880Barnsley9c214
770George Herman Watkins June 1880Barnsley9c223
7101Florence Wortley June 1880Huddersfield9a315
717John William Barratt September 1880Barnsley9c180
3187Sarah Batty September 1880Barnsley9c198
6908James William Bridgwater September 1880Wakefield9c1
803Alice Cawley September 1880Barnsley9c200a
1414Sarah Clayton September 1880Barnsley9c171
1018George William Danforth September 1880Caistor7a655
4618Eliza J Hammerton September 1880Dartford2a448
8136John Holroyd September 1880Halifax9a485
6799Alick Kilner September 1880Huddersfield9a298
1546Arthur Mallison September 1880Barnsley9c214
7669Ellen Wildgoose September 1880Chesterfield7b714
3239Elizabeth Jane Worthington September 1880Houghton10a470
8203John William Broadbent December 1880Wakefield9c4
8315Arthur George Cartars December 1880Northleach6a361
3579Lizzie Darwood December 1880Huntingdon3b245
6830George Dodgson December 1880Wakefield9c5
2459Kate Hammerton Fletcher December 1880Barnsley9c225
3503Alice Foster December 1880Bradford9b201
6301Mary Ann Goldthorpe December 1880Barnsley9c224
4379Linden Hammerton December 1880Pontefract9c126
5231Gertrude Ibbotson December 1880Gt. Ouseburn9a92
4055Elizabeth Jackson December 1880Ecclesall B.9c338
6567Frederick John W Kirkin December 1880Mile End1c487
7129Eliza Scriven December 1880Barton R6a186
5253Norman Silverwood December 1880Huddersfield9a285
9082Florence Smart December 1880Barnsley9c154
3581Edwin Milson N Williamson December 1880Monmouth11a22
6829Ernest Woodhead December 1880Huddersfield9a282

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