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NoNameEvent DistrictVolPage
5260Lily Beardsell March 1881Huddersfield9b293
7483Herbert Bunting March 1881Bakewell7b778
6451Harold Grounds March 1881Leigh8c292
2807Beatrice Hammerton March 1881Sheffield9c580
1348Gertrude Hardy March 1881Barnsley9c229
1589Andrew Holland March 1881Wigan8c4
8287Ernest Henry Holyoake March 1881Northleach6a411
9287Mary Elizabeth Jowitt March 1881Wortley9c277
7844George Lilley March 1881Wakefield9c60
883Archibald Herbert Newman March 1881Sturminster5a249
6210Rachel Senior March 1881Wortley9c272
5292Edith Ellen Silverwood March 1881Lincoln7a550
5415Gilbert Silverwood March 1881Carlisle10b465
5504John Edwin Silverwood March 1881Barnsley9c208
5224Ernest Braithwaite June 1881Chesterfield7b761
5656Edward Buckley June 1881Ashton8d5
7251Alice Cantrell June 1881Derby7b559
7144Minnie Silverwood Ellis June 1881Wortley9c244
2398Ernest Hammerton June 1881Barnsley9c212
8157Cora Annie Hey June 1881Huddersfield9a308
5003Andrew Hoyle June 1881Huddersfield9a309
5536Sarah Jane Huckle June 1881Lincoln7a515
1487Annie Jones June 1881Barnsley9c211
8799Marianne Morton June 1881Huddersfield9a307
4196Annie Ostcliffe June 1881Barnsley9c200
8603John William Popplewell June 1881Wakefield9c2
8252Gladysmay Ramsden June 1881Huddersfield9a310
8797Agnes Sanderson June 1881Huddersfield9a309
2486Annie Schofield June 1881Barnsley9c215
8425Lucy Emily Scrivens June 1881Birmingham6d114
9046Edith Steel June 1881Barnsley9c189
1496Frank Totty June 1881Barnsley9c200
6873Albert Vowles June 1881Barton R.6a186
8424Albert Edward Walters June 1881Birmingham6d157
6845Matthew Webster June 1881Wortley9c236
1073Fred Albert White June 1881Wortley9c253
7472Charlotte Wike June 1881Barnsley9c226
9364John Birch Winder June 1881Barnsley9c200
7194George William Worthington June 1881Bolton8c311
3562Sarah Elizabeth Collier September 1881Barnsley9c200
854Frederick Danford September 1881Rotherham9c602
5407Annie Hallas September 1881Wakefield9c50
6819Walter Clegg Hammerton September 1881Huddersfield9a294
7757Ernest Albert Handley September 1881W. Bromwich6b800
8838Clara Alma Mellor September 1881Halifax9a507
3547Laura Winder September 1881Barnsley9c229
7092John Edward Wortley September 1881Huddersfield9a303
7136Sarah Blacker December 1881Rotherham9c639
9117Alice Jane Gilbert December 1881St. Neot's3b302
2408Herbert Stokes Harrison December 1881Chesterfield7b711
7250George Horace Hawley December 1881Sheffield9c503
8004Lavinia Helliwell December 1881Todmorden9a226
8063William Hey December 1881Barnsley9c178
7476Lois Elizabeth Leach December 1881Barnsley9c166
4160Joseph Liley December 1881Dewsbury9b627
5344Carrie Mitchell December 1881Bradford9b1
2912Bridget Mulligan December 1881Barnsley9c177
7211George Arthur Oates December 1881Barnsley9c183
5428Willis Pooley December 1881Rotherham9c600
5329Lillie Stanley December 1881Huddersfield9a278
5450George Turner December 1881Barnsley9c200
1043Maggie Watkins December 1881Barnsley9c219
1924Moses Worthington December 1881Wigan8c_04
8316Beatrice Annie Carters March 1882Northleach6a404
6319Mary Hammerton March 1882Sheffield9c527
8608Minnie Hey March 1882Barnsley9c174
5183Bessie Silverwood Hinchliff March 1882Wortley9c256
5232Jane Ibbotson March 1882Wortley9c245
796Elizabeth Jessop March 1882Wortley9c254
2480Mary Myers March 1882Barnsley9c239
988George Sykes March 1882Barnsley9c190
4207Charles Henry Walker March 1882Wortley9c261
1020Cyril Danforth June 1882Caistor7a679
4544John Walter Farrimond June 1882Blackburn8e513
8047Stephen Fish June 1882Barnsley9c168
9262Mary Annie Gilbert June 1882Chesterfield7b730
7473Alfred Gray June 1882Rotherham9c658
7180Martha Ann Grounds June 1882Leigh8c265
2719Beatrice Sarah Hammerton June 1882Barnsley9c249
6762Theresa Hammerton June 1882Wakefield9c2
2720Thomas Cyril Hammerton June 1882Barnsley9c249
7333Willie Leadbeater June 1882Dewsbury9b709
2031Charlie Mallison June 1882Barnsley9c229
5583William Henry Mather June 1882Chesterfield7b773
5420Lucy Mayer June 1882Holbeck9b342
7208Jane Annie Oxtaby June 1882Barnsley9c175
7479Clara Parker June 1882Rotherham9c688
7252Arthur Pickering June 1882Sheffield9c540
5271Joseph William Radcliffe June 1882Saddleworth9a262
5339Fred Silverwood June 1882Wortley9c268
5216Timothy Silverwood June 1882Sheffield9c601
3199Arthur Sorby June 1882Sheffield9c570
3188Alice Batty September 1882Barnsley9c171
6909George Bridgewater September 1882Wakefield9c3
8882Jane Butcher September 1882Dewsbury9b705
5612Alfred Ernest Carver September 1882Wortley9c253
4529Herbert Farnell September 1882Burnley8e306
8429Harry Hicks September 1882Aston6d301
9213Emily Oddy September 1882Halifax9a538
2039Charlotte Pilkington September 1882Wakefield9c41
6458George Kershaw Ryder September 1882Leigh8c271
7130Ernest Scrivens September 1882Stroud6a324
5278Alice Silverwood September 1882Ashton8d545
5505Annie Elizabeth Silverwood September 1882Barnsley9c187
5538John Edward Silverwood September 1882Barnsley9c236
5416John Prince Silverwood September 1882Carlisle10b485
7121Alfred William Vowles September 1882Barton Regis6a192
812Ernest William Martin Danford December 1882Chesterfield7b725
3504John Foster December 1882Bradford9b182
6302Joseph Harrison Goldthorpe December 1882Barnsley9c233
2788Ellen Hammerton December 1882Sheffield9c487
8875Julia Harsley December 1882Bramley9b344
2475Herbert Hellewell December 1882Barnsley9c164
8895Elizabeth Hough December 1882Wakefield9c17
6800Florry Kilner December 1882Dewsbury9b675
7218Arthur Marsden December 1882Barnsley9c215
7174Annie Olivia Ramsden December 1882Prestwich8d411
5523Charles Henry F Vignon December 1882Manchester8d256
8729Frances Amelia Ward December 1882Ashborne7b623
3548Cyrus Winder December 1882Barnsley9c226
9198Clara Bailey March 1883Barnsley9c238
9011Jane Blackburn March 1883Barnsley9c172
3563Catherine Collier March 1883Barnsley9c228
7789Clara Rocbottom Dyson March 1883Barnsley9c208
8307Edith Holyoake March 1883Cheltenham6a430
224Walter Jessop March 1883Wortley9c263
1488Charles Jones March 1883Barnsley9c231
7845Emily Lilley March 1883Dewsbury9b601
1592Oswald Mellor March 1883Barnsley9c238
2499Annie Morley March 1883Barnsley9c229
6913Albert Moxon March 1883Wakefield9c4
705Ada Scrivens March 1883Birmingham6d73
5254Gertrude Silverwood March 1883Huddersfield9a291
1091Eleanor Melven Skelton March 1883Cockermouth10b572
797Ellis Wilcock March 1883Wortley9c267
7197Joseph Wrigley March 1883Saddleworth9a238
241Elizabeth Ann Barrett June 1883Whitechapel1c318
9338Edith Alice Coates June 1883Rotherham9c661
8303Walter Edgar Cove June 1883Northleach6a395
1543Mark Foster June 1883Barnsley9c251
4380Bingley Hammerton June 1883Barnsley9c178
1304George Ernest Mellor June 1883Barnsley9c245
5293Florence Elsie Silverwood June 1883Glanford B.7a721
8865Rose Ann Sykes June 1883Dewsbury9b587
7195Fanny Worthington June 1883Bolton8c318
7656John William Cartwright September 1883Cockermouth10b548
890Gertrude Danforth September 1883Caistor7a618
1998Florence Ada Lloyd September 1883Chorlton8c372
2914Margaret Ann Mulligan September 1883Barnsley9c177
6561Elizabeth Newman September 1883Lambeth1d435
7166Rose Vowles September 1883Barton R.6a123
4262Florence Ethel Wainwright September 1883Barnsley9c206
1336Elizabeth Armitage December 1883Barnsley9c221
7484Albert Bunting December 1883Bakewell7b765
8428Edward Henry G Causon December 1883Cheltenham6a390
8910Elinor Corcoran December 1883Barnsley9c204
5732Elizabeth Gedney December 1883Barnsley9c210
979Florence Green December 1883Barnsley9c220
2414Isabel Vera Hammerton December 1883Barnsley9c233
2494Lucy Waterton Hammerton December 1883Dewsbury9b660
7212Rowland Oates December 1883Barnsley9c183
8320Annie Elizabeth Owen December 1883Cheltenham6a393
265William Reader December 1883Ecclesall B.9c290
8862Eleanor Leake Schofield December 1883Bramley9b330
2487Martha Schofield December 1883Barnsley9c206
5371Gladys Mary B Silverwood December 1883Bradford9b197
5570William Bertram Silverwood December 1883Chesterfield7b746
1074Frank White December 1883Wortley9c251
1062Jonas White December 1883Barnsley9c168
876Minnie Beever March 1884Wortley9c265
5225Clara Braithwaite March 1884Whitehaven10b603
8204George Arthur Broadbent March 1884Wakefield9c5
980Priscilla Green March 1884Barnsley9c213
7181George Kershaw Grounds March 1884Leigh8c279
2437William Herbert Hammerton March 1884Barnsley9c240
8609Herbert Arthur Hey March 1884Barnsley9c180
1404John Hobson March 1884Barnsley9c188
4181Frank Jackson March 1884Sheffield9c494
1049Hubert William Newman March 1884Sturminster5a238
7285Maud Parker March 1884Rotherham9c685
6168Florence Pickering March 1884Sheffield9c522
6459James Ryder March 1884Leigh8c292
5255Edgar Silverwood March 1884Huddersfield9a234
6846Herbert Wilson Webster March 1884Wortley9c25
7093Emily Wortley March 1884Huddersfield9a309
4162Joseph Armstrong June 1884Ecclesall B.9c323
6901Isaac Auty June 1884Wakefield9c1
6763Tedber Hammerton June 1884Wakefield9c2
2476Ethel Hellewell June 1884Hemsworth9c157
6876George Huckle June 1884Romford4a311
618George Henry Jessop June 1884Wortley9c272
9181Annie Gertrude Litchfield June 1884Barnsley9c223
6316Percy Neville June 1884Doncaster9c736
590Lily Pooley June 1884Rotherham9c674
9059Eleanor Richardson June 1884Barnsley9c185
7991Thomas Senior June 1884Dewsbury9b693
8988Lilian Shemeld June 1884Ecclesall B.9c416
5013Herbert Silverwood June 1884Huddersfield9a304
9278Alice Aytick September 1884Wortley9c250
4279Herbert Dainty September 1884Wigan8c26
1021Lily Danforth September 1884Caistor7a682
5650Hildred Haigh September 1884Huddersfield9a259
2481William Myers September 1884Barnsley9c248
2461Lily Ann Schofield September 1884Barnsley9c244
5340Annie Silverwood September 1884Wortley9c259
5390Elizabeth Ann Stewart September 1884Birkenhead8a483
7167Albert Vowles September 1884Barton R.6a175
6790Charles Maw Ward September 1884Glanford B.7a719
9268Agnes Wroe September 1884Barnsley9c248
680Arthur Danforth December 1884Rotherham9c699
6820Friend Hammerton December 1884Huddersfield9a300
7513Annie Hepworth December 1884Dewsbury9b654
4052Lucy Jackson December 1884Ecclesall B.9c384
1548Frank Mallison December 1884Barnsley9c228
7612Thomas Adrian S Marsh December 1884Stockton10a57
7209Mary Alice Oxtaby December 1884Barnsley9c178
6211Herbert Senior December 1884Wortley9c261
5470Ishmael Silverwood December 1884Barnsley9c233
5506Ruth Silverwood December 1884Barnsley9c231
5498Lillie Watman December 1884Barton I8c643
9332Lucy Welbourne December 1884E. Retford7b23
7102John Henry Wortley December 1884Huddersfield9a304
809Charlotte Amelia Austin March 1885Barnsley9c247
8825Amy Louisa Blackwell March 1885W. Derby8b586
6910Albert Bridgewater March 1885Wakefield9c1
3564John Thomas Collier March 1885Barnsley9c231
7790George Dyson March 1885Barnsley9c204
3505Emily Foster March 1885Bradford9b177
6303Sarah Gouldthorpe March 1885Barnsley9c257
8259Jenny Hampshire March 1885Wakefield9c2
1599Gilbert Hanson March 1885Halifax9a454
1060Thomas Holland March 1885Wigan8c4
610James Jackson March 1885Sheffield9c510
7334David Leadbeater March 1885Dewsbury9b690
2913Martin Mulligan March 1885Barnsley9c209
9104Etha Peakes March 1885Barnsley9c206
1817Eliza Richardson March 1885Barnsley9c245
706Samuel Scrivens March 1885Birmingham6d76
6061Herbert Shepherd March 1885Doncaster9c752
6874Ann Elizabeth Silverwood March 1885Chesterfield7b792
5539Sarah Silverwood March 1885Barnsley9c255
5573Walter Silverwood March 1885Chesterfield7b792
2497Joseph Henry Taylor March 1885Sheffield9c552
7122John Vowles March 1885Barton Regis6a80
5752Mary Alice Whittaker March 1885Wortley9c311
8953Sidney Brooks June 1885Hemsworth9c163
4070Henry Dyson June 1885Barnsley9c216
2718Spence Farrimond June 1885Chorley8e516
5637Emma France June 1885Huddersfield9a272
8209Ernest Goward June 1885Wakefield9c3
1083Everelda Green June 1885Barnsley9c218
1442Elizabeth Ann Hobson June 1885Barnsley9c184
8288Beatrice Charlotte Holyoake June 1885Northleach6a393
7846Arthur Lilly June 1885Wakefield9c8
1305Thomas Mellor June 1885Barnsley9c233
198Edith Sanderson June 1885Barnsley9c185
24Alfred Edward Scrivens June 1885Wortley9c267
5217Hannah Silverwood June 1885Sheffield9c559
1337Herman Armitage September 1885Barnsley9c2(1_)0
8657Frederick Charles Percy Blacker September 1885Wortley9c238
5372Floris Hilda Booth September 1885Bradford9b212
8746Rebecca Brown September 1885Wigan8c101
753Lillie Bullock September 1885Barnsley9c232
8304Minnie Elizabeth Cove September 1885Northleach6a390
5461Harry Fawcett September 1885Barnsley9c215
7024Lilian Ethel Gardner September 1885Gloucester6a299
4381Alfred Hammerton September 1885Barnsley9c151
9101Matilda Jaques September 1885Barnsley9c182
8321Kate Owen September 1885Northleach6a390
5272Mary Hannah Radcliffe September 1885Saddleworth9a236
5294Gertrude Mabel J Silverwood September 1885Glanford B.7a667
6999Matthew Iley White September 1885Tynemouth10b226
4545Ruth Farrimond December 1885Blackburn8a485
3844Sydney John Griffiths December 1885Westbury S.6a238
2751William Francis Hamilton December 1885Colchester4a491
7282James Haywood December 1885Wakefield9c4
4212Herbert Mallison December 1885Barnsley9c228
9070John Markey December 1885Barnsley9c184
5584James Edward Mather December 1885Chesterfield7b760
4530Leah Mellor December 1885Congleton8a292
5509Thomas Henry Norris December 1885Ecclesall B.9c325
2488Frank Schofield December 1885Barnsley9c231
1044John Henry Watkins December 1885Barnsley9c251
8632Elizabeth Ann Bell March 1886Barnsley9c171
4259James William Cope March 1886Rotherham9c593
4071William Dyson March 1886Barnsley9c297
4113Elizabeth Ann Hodgson March 1886Sheffield9c528
188John Charles Jessop March 1886Wortley9c260
5430Albert Peat March 1886Leeds9b568
4265Sam Rance March 1886Barnsley9c234
8426Florence Scrivens March 1886Birmingham6d68
8688Harry Silverwood March 1886Chesterfield7b801
5471Sydney Silverwood March 1886Barnsley9c230
5452Margery Turner March 1886Barnsley9c213
3550Ben Winder March 1886Barnsley9c246
7094Frank Wortley March 1886Huddersfield9a298
6902Alice Ann Auty June 1886Wakefield9c1
9003edith Culumbine June 1886Barnsley9c248
4206Harriet Goodinson Drabble June 1886Wortley9c302
7145Maud Silverwood Elliss June 1886Wortley9c261
8048Charles Henry Fish June 1886Barnsley9c168
1026Eveline Hammerton June 1886Chorlton8c911
2495Percy Windle Hammerton June 1886Dewsbury9b711
8610Mary Elizabeth Hey June 1886Barnsley9c192
6460Alice Ryder June 1886Leigh8c294
4152Lotty Elizabeth Starr June 1886Basford7b217
6915Mabel Grason Swallow June 1886Wakefield9c1
1081Walter Hulbert Thickitt June 1886Barton R.6a83
1063Edith Annie White June 1886Barnsley9c176
1075Edward White June 1886Wortley9c270
7198Charles Albert Wrigley June 1886Saddleworth9a256
8816Maria Blacker September 1886Wortley9c263
3565Louisa Collier September 1886Barnsley9c213
5507Frank Cope September 1886Barnsley9c204
817Jane Corrigan September 1886Cockermouth10b684
4263Herbert Leslie Cresswell September 1886Barnsley9c235
813Alexander James Danforth September 1886Barnsley9c218
2443Ernest Hammerton September 1886Barnsley9c249
8976Adelaide Hart September 1886Barnsley9c189
2477Bertha Hellewell September 1886Hemsworth9c155
1343Annie Mellor September 1886Barnsley9c194
7477Anne Morris September 1886Barnsley9c223
227Louisa Sidebottom September 1886Leeds9b407
3195Joseph Allen December 1886Barnsley9c205
1338Marian Armitage December 1886Barnsley9c211
833Harry Beever December 1886Wortley9c264
8182John Silverwood Blacker December 1886Barnsley9c215
8318Elizabeth Sarah A Carter December 1886Northleach6a366
2463Beatrice Hammerton December 1886Barnsley9c250
2438Gertrude Hammerton December 1886Barnsley9c218
5239Harry Helliwell December 1886Wortley9c362
8138Frances Holroyd December 1886Halifax9a440
8308Ellen Holyoake December 1886Cheltenham6a389
2032Horace Mallison December 1886Barnsley9c227
6914Richard Henry Moxon December 1886Wakefield9c1
893George Sanderson December 1886Barnsley9c173
556Alice Jane L Scrivens December 1886Wortley9c268
5330Edith Stanley December 1886Huddersfield9a272
2454Isabella Thickett December 1886Easington10a420
6911Hannah Elizabeth Bridgewater March 1887Wakefield9c5
5662Frederick Curbeson March 1887Middlesbro'9d536
8823Clara Davis March 1887Bramley9b348
2537Annie Dawson March 1887Barnsley9c235
6132Louisa Ellis March 1887Barnsley9c201
611Walter Elliss March 1887Barnsley9c103
981Lewis Green March 1887Barnsley9c227
6170Arthur William Ironside March 1887Sheffield9c537
4053Martha Jackson March 1887Ecclesall B.9c355
7335John Leadbeater March 1887Dewsbury9b617
2000Ellen Maria Lloyd March 1887Chorlton8c682
3203Thomas Melding March 1887Barnsley9c172
4167Henry Moseley March 1887Ecclesall B.9c342
5417Herbert Silverwood March 1887Carlisle10b458
5166John William Silverwood March 1887Dewsbury9b537
5218Joseph Silverwood March 1887Sheffield9c551
5574Thomas Silverwood March 1887Chesterfield7b751
6180Alice May Stanbridge March 1887Wigan8c25
3824Violet Lydia Stevens March 1887Bristol6a18
5753James Whittaker March 1887Wortley9c251

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Correct as at 11th August, 2013