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NoHusbandNoWifeEvent DistrictVolPage
3182George Batty 670 Alice Cowley March 1872Barnsley9c139
563William Danford 848 Ellen Williams March 1872Sheffield9c469
6442James Kershaw


Kate Battersby June 1872Leigh8c277
2350Joseph Jackson 4177 Annie Siddall June 1872Sheffield9c393
2607William Worthington 7192 Ellen Lawton December 1872Bolton81420
5274Joseph Hoyle


Harriet Silverwood December 1872Ashton8d1003
8040Charles Fish 8042 Harriet Sindall December 1872Barnsley9c253
5149George Hepplestone


Maria Laycock December 1872Wortley9c332
5444George Turner


Harriet Silverwood December 1872Sheffield9c474
1769Henry Danforth


Jane Longden March 1873Rotherham9c651
1872William Worthington 1875 Mary Calvert March 1873Stockton10a67
1871Abraham Worthington 1929Mary Jane Comber June 1873Wigan8c59
6452Peter Ratcliffe 6441Elizabeth Kershaw June 1873Leigh8c281
4931Joseph Silverwood 5336Martha Haigh June 1873Wortley9c321
7116Robert William Nield 1832Clara Louisa Ramsden September 1873Manchester8d246
10598William Kaye Dyson 4808Sarah Silverwood Kaye September 1873Huddersfield9a490
4883Edward Webster 6841Emma Frances Horn September 1873Wortley9c269
7258William Robinson


Fanny Danforth September 1873Sheffield9c729
8628George Bell


Mary Ann Dyson September 1873Barnsley9c295
2297Thomas Carr Hammerton


Harriet Richardson September 1873Doncaster9c850
879Alfred Danforth


Theresa Jemima Lambert December 1873Caistor7a1327
8254Wright Berry 8231Harriet Taylor December 1873Huddersfield9a560
8200Enoch Broadbent 4945Mary Goward December 1873Wakefield9c17
6781George Ward 5078Ann Auty December 1873Wakefield9c17
4878Charles Marsden 4872Barbara Silverwood December 1873Wortley9c340
5221John Braithwaite 4873Annie Silverwood December 1873Wortley9c361
6688Friend Hammerton


Elizabeth Wilkinson March 1874Huddersfield9a417
8131William Holroyd 7519Margaret Hey March 1874Halifax9a592
5227Reuben Marsh


Jane Silverwood March 1874Wortley9c237
724Abraham Bullock


Mary Ann Danforth March 1874Rotherham9c685
10874William France 10920Sarah Parr June 1874Wigan8c50
1934John Worthington 1949Ellen Barton June 1874Wigan8c139
4943John Silverwood 5341Charlotte Worsnop June 1874Bradford9b189
407William White 408Mary Ann Ledger June 1874Barnsley9c224
1870Moses Worthington 1920 Ellen Atherton September 1874Wigan8c160
5457Henry Fawcett 5059 Mary Silverwood September 1874Rotherham9c734
6811John William Shaw 5125 Hannah Brownhill December 1874Huddersfield9a535
4770Henry Silverwood 5011Emma Goddard December 1874Huddersfield9a608
2356Henry Hammerton


Maria Louisa Souter December 1874Barnsley9c254
861John Gummerson


Mary Ann Hill March 1875Lambeth1d444
8300Adolphus Cove 8276Mary Ann Holyoake March 1875Cheltenham6a586
8249Allen Ramsden 8232Martha Taylor March 1875Huddersfield9a489
9973Herbert Roebuck


Maria Pearson March 1875Barnsley9c194
421Thomas Sanderson


Ellen Nortcliff March 1875Wortley9c267
7480Herbert Bunting 3234Lavinia Hawley March 1875Sheffield9c384
9393Isaiah William Flintham


Elizabeth Moss June 1875Barnsley9c249
2321Charles Sorby


Ellen Hammerton September 1875Barnsley9c246
5532John Huckle


Hannah Silverwood December 1875Rochdale8e32
8230William Taylor 8237Ann Charlesworth December 1875Huddersfield9a486
732Hamar Green


Emma Danforth December 1875Sheffield9c471
4900Benjamin Silverwood 5288Hannah Norton March 1876Saddleworth9a343
566Silas Scrivens 7034Unity Tapper June 1876Birmingham6d277
4869Timothy Silverwood 5212Hannah Carr June 1876Sheffield9c443
3738Thomas Scriven 3740Adelaide Johns September 1876Clifton6a281
3394George Stephenson


Sarah Jane Danforth September 1876Caistor7a1017
4745Thomas Silverwood 4958Emma Errington September 1876Wakefield9c9
2714Samuel Miles


Myra Green Skinner September 1876Barnsley9c218
6947William Crossland


Martha Beaumont September 1876Wortley9c283
6448John Grounds


Elizabeth Kershaw December 1876Leigh8c290
11045Edward Knowles 7074Louisa Potts December 1876Chorlton8c1031
7139George Cox 4788Harriet Crossland December 1876Barnsley9c239
1813Elijah Richardson


Rose Hannah Danforth December 1876Sheffield9c617
322James Thickitt


Caroline Laughton December 1876Doncaster9c948
2878William Henry Foster


Sarah Hammerton March 1877Bradford9b318
2648Harry Oxtaby


Louisa Bowskill March 1877Wortley9c261
8637George Padget


Emma Dyson June 1877Barnsley9c194
8058William Hey 8060Mary Ann Marsden June 1877Wortley9c290
7283William Parker


Annie Elizabeth G Skinner September 1877Barnsley9c213
1914Robert Simpson


Elizabeth Worthington September 1877Easington10a460
10096Walter Hammerton


Mary Ann Sheridon December 1877Rugby6d867
10114James Stringfellow


Mary Jane Hammerton March 1878Rugby6d531
847Thomas Holland


Mary Jane Kelly March 1878Wigan8c77
7075John Arthur Potts 11049Elizabeth Wilby March 1878Chorlton8c899
4158Nathan Fearnsides Liley


Mary Ann Armitage March 1878Dewsbury9b681
9962George Roberts


Annie Pearson March 1878Barnsley9c185
409George Ledger


Mary Ann Ledger March 1878Barnsley9c187
871Walter Thickett


Emily Jane Jefferies June 1878Barton R.6a268
4906Abraham Silverwood 5290 Alice Poles June 1878Barnsley9c214
6294Joseph Goldthorpe


Elizabeth Harrison June 1878Barnsley9c219
5581James Mather


Harriet Silverwood June 1878Chesterfield7b818
4897Herbert Silverwood 5276 Hannah Moss September 1878Ashton8d665
626James Ellis


Ann Ashurst September 1878Barnsley9c158
8605Richard Brown 8432Love Bugby December 1878Birmingham6d109
2458John Fletcher


Alice Hammerton December 1878Barnsley9c272
2910James Mulligan


Catherine Barrett December 1878Barnsley9c275
3227Daniel Hawley


Annie Jackson December 1878Sheffield9c716
7141Luther Ellis 6701Martha Silverwood March 1879Stockport8a116
7842Joseph Lilley 7838 Catherine Brooks March 1879Hemsworth9c147
2745Francis Hamilton


Catherine Orrin June 1879Brentford3a118c
5579Abraham Hopkinson


Martha Silverwood June 1879Chesterfield7b922
6907William Bridgwater


Elizabeth Auty June 1879Dewsbury9b797
2363George Myers


Ann Crossland June 1879Barnsley9c215
768Henry Watkins


Ann Danforth June 1879Barnsley9c220
7062John Vowles


Selina Seagar September 1879Barton R6a303
5159Tom Silverwood 5537Mary McQuillan September 1879Barnsley9c210
8314William Henry Carter 8280Fanny Holyoake December 1879Northleach6a704
7033John Turbo Tapper 10497Lizzie Roberts December 1879Birmingham6d100
10497Hubert Hughes 7035Matilda Tapper December 1879Birmingham6d100
2616John William Rigby 6919Hannah Taylor March 1880Chorlton8c749
8068John Thomas Hey


Ellen Parkinson March 1878Barnsley9c177
992William Atkins 545Esther Danforth March 1880Barnsley9c179
5131Thomas Henry Silverwood 5503Mary Dewhirst March 1880Barnsley9c212
1486Evan Samuel Jones 1364Ann Mellor March 1880Rotherham9c674a
6457Thomas Ryder


Ann Kershaw June 1880Leigh8c279
369John Barrett 370Ellen Johnson June 1880Barnsley9c214
4799James Silverwood 5100Eliza Pollard June 1880Ecclesall B.9c305
10092Charles Hammerton


Clara Jane Brown September 1880Croydon2a439
4745Thomas Silverwood 4961Jane Preston September 1880Dewsbury9b825
8602William Popplewell 5053Harriet Clegg December 1880Wakefield9c10
2485John Miller Schofield 2366Ann Myers December 1880Barnsley9c244
1549Thomas Dean 1468Lucy Mallinson December 1880Sheffield9c616
405George Mellor 406 Esther Armitage December 1880Barnsley9c619
2621James Newman


Mary Jane Longmen March 1881Lambeth1d501
6685William Battye


Polly Romaine March 1881Bradford9b25
622Thomas Ellis


Alice Rowlinson March 1881Barnsley9c161
4936William Blacker 8177 Sarah Jane Littlewood March 1881Wortley9c219
4841Benjamin Silverwood 5169 Jane Thorpe March 1881Wortley9c257
5427Thomas Pooley


Priscilla Silverwood June 1881Rotherham9c692
8279William John Holyoake 8306 Ellen Smith December 1881Cheltenham6a893
1843Ashley Farnell 4528 Mary Ellen Charity December 1881Barton on Irwell8c773
525John Damford 810 Bertha Reaney December 1881Ecclesall B.9c403
7065George Vowles


Annie Winter March 1882Bristol6a29
4903Ben Wrigley


Minerva Silverwood March 1882Saddleworth9a299
1772Wright Ernest Danforth


Kate Emma Booth March 1882Barnsley9c182
2327Joseph Hammerton


Emma Price Mellor March 1882Barnsley9c205
1835Thomas Edmund Ramsden


Eliza Emma Heywood June 1882Prestwich9d598
5517Joah Kaye 5139Mary Ann Silverwood June 1882Barnsley9c275
5238James Helliwell


Ann Silverwood June 1882Wortley9c294
793Francis Beever


Sarah Jessop June 1882Wortley9c323
1937William Worthington 1950Margaret Swift September 1882Wigan8c22
1365Alfred Mellor 1590Betsy Ann Leach September 1882Hunslet9b344
2784John William Hammerton 2787Frances Simmons September 1882Sheffield9c496
2347William Jackson


Mary Ann Wilkinson September 1882Sheffield9c693
5194George Henry Silverwood 5569Mary Eliza Thorpe December 1882Nottingham7b363
1997John Henry Lloyd


Florence Farnell December 1882Chorlton8c977
1930James Plant


Maria Worthington December 1882Chorlton8c1094
4904Christian Dixon


Sarah Hannah Silverwood December 1882Saddleworth9a393
2684William Hammerton 7199 Ann Hutchinson December 1882Bradford9b342
5492Walter Moxon 5073 Ellen Silverwood Dodgson December 1882Wakefield9c122
5081Abraham Auty 6900 Tryphena Lodge December 1882Wakefield9c128
2383Henry Hammerton 2493 Sovilla Windle Waterton December 1882Barnsley9c283
178Henry Ellis 179 Mary Brailsford December 1882Barnsley9c287
182William Jessop 183Leonora Alberta Gummerson December 1882Wortley9c357
8319George Albert Owen 8281Elizabeth Holyoake March 1883Cheltenham6a589
10102John Hammerton 10115Annie Elizabeth Fletcher March 1883Coventry6d548
3383Thomas Brailsford 3384Jane Fretwell March 1883Nottingham7b364
607John Ellis 6130Emma Leach March 1883Barnsley91190
2746Samuel Hammerton 2929Mary Ann Harrad March 1883Sheffield9c483
1320William Mellor 1342 Selina Glossop March 1883Rotherham9c733
7989Seth Senior 7990 Mary Louisa Adamson March 1883Dewsbury9b813
5087William Scargill 6918 Harriet Taylor March 1883Huddersfield9a350
176Richard Poulton 177 Mary Ann Lythgoe June 1883Wigan8c57
888George White 990 Sarah Ann Kenworthy June 1883Barnsley9c210
8001James Edwin Gerrard 6435 Annie Kershaw September 1883Wigan8c72
419Benjamin Hobson 420 Mary Ann White September 1883Barnsley9c191
1440Stewart Bates


Matilda Armitage September 1883Barnsley9c226
1952Thomas Schofield 1939 Mary Worthington December 1883Wigan8c38
1311Joshua Armitage 1335 Sarah Jane Siddall December 1883Barnsley9c286
2460James Schofield 2343 Eliza Hammerton December 1883Barnsley9c303
5522Henri Francois C Vignon 5141 Hannah Maria Silverwood December 1883Wortley9c369
5195Joseph Stevenson Silverwood 5572 Alice Haslam March 1884Chesterfield7b844
5429Joshua Peat 5044 Hannah Matilda Silverwood March 1884Leeds9b427
4908Jacob Silverwood


Martha Ann Haigh March 1884Barnsley9c193
2723John Wood 2369 Myra Miles March 1884Barnsley9c219
6315George Neville 2393 Harriet Hammerton March 1884Doncaster9c818
1872William Worthington 7268 Mary Cartmeal June 1884Wigan8c65
1941Richard Worthington 1953 Sarah Ann Swanton June 1884Wigan8c158
5508Thomas Norris 5132 Elizabeth Silverwood March 1884Sheffield9c654
212Alfred Scrivens 213 Betsy Newman September 1884Birmingham6d88
4299Charles Chester 1909 Margaret Ann Worthington September 1884Wigan8c57
7317Henry Broadbent 6823 Mary Woodhead September 1884Huddersfield9a481
5061Isaac Silverwood 5469 Hannah Dyson September 1884Huddersfield9a514
6633Enos Silverwood


Hannah Ellen Haigh September 1884Barnsley9c227
871Walter Thickitt


Rachel Hulbert December 1884Barton Regis6a396
4948Arthur Goward 8208 Maria Hirst December 1884Wakefield9c19
392George Austin


Jane Amelia Land December 1884Barnsley9c296
6948Charles Crossland 7439 Edna Ridal December 1884Wortley9c347
5751Sam Whitaker


Sarah Ann Silverwood December 1884Wortley9c378
7839Arthur Brooks


Sarah Ann Ewens March 1885Greenwich1d968
4836Joseph Silverwood


Harriet Wood March 1885Dewsbury9b625
4969Thomas Silverwood Swallow


Frances Ann C Frogatt March 1885Wakefield9c13
2391James Melding 2389Phoebe Hammerton June 1885Barnsley9c198
10135Alfred Charles Adams 10103Emily Hammerton September 1885Warwick6d785
874Jonathan Charlesworth Hammerton 1025Emma Eckersley September 1885Chorlton8c1104
5074James Moxon 6893Hannah McMullen September 1885Huddersfield9a530
5370Herbert Booth 4991Mary Silverwood September 1885Dewsbury9b871
2328Francis Hammerton 2442Mary Elizabeth England September 1885Barnsley9c225
4938John Henry Blacker 8181Clara Ellen Jones December 1885Stockport8a139
4066Edwin Dyson 4069Sarah Padgett December 1885Barnsley9c255
4190Edwin James Parr 4186Catherine Lythgoe March 1886Wigan8c78
7788William Roobottom 4067Louisa Dyson March 1886Barnsley9c184
6169Herbert John Ironside 6159Amy Pickering March 1886Sheffield9c602
10881Henry Lyon


Mary Gore June 1886Wigan8c6
5400Lister Hallas


Mary Ann Clarkson June 1886Huddersfield9a370
7162William Henry Scott 2384Mary Elizabeth Hammerton June 1886Barnsley9c181
1368William Mellor 1384Martha Ann Carr June 1886Barnsley9c248
10932Samuel Spencer


Elizabeth France September 1886Wigan8c88
5083Jacob Auty 7234Eliza Broadbent September 1886Huddersfield9a549
3418William Waddell Mitchell 3415Kate Emily Hammerton September 1886Bradford9b94
608Alfred Ellis 609Harriett Jackson September 1886Barnsley9c185
2344John Hammerton 2462Emily Harper September 1886Barnsley9c237
6949Joe Crossland 7225Ellen Elizabeth Oxley December 1886Barnsley9c249
6295George Gouldthorpe 7217Mary Ann Marsden December 1886Barnsley9c278
10322Philip Griffiths 3774Martha Scrivens March 1887Westbury S.6a325
6825Arthur Woodhead 6894Emily Jane Kenworthy March 1887Huddersfield9a454
4939Fred Blacker 8188Angelina Chappell March 1887Wortley9c235
2319Albert Hammerton 3219 Kate Boid June 1887Barnsley9c243
5525Thomas Jagger 5142 Emily Jane Silverwood June 1887Wortley9c317
6950Herbert Crossland 7425 Fanny Earnshaw June 1887Wortley9c340
634John Gummerson 672 Sarah Jane Anderson September 1887Barnsley9c262
6878James William Mellor 5156 Sarah Dyson Woodhead December 1887Huddersfield9a557
6806Albert Smith 6883 Lizzie Hill December 1887Huddersfield9a604
1775George Danforth 6105 Mary Spink December 1887Dewsbury9b963
5315Thomas Arther Wood 6925 Elizabeth Steele Jagger December 1887Sheffield9c620
5045Albert Silverwood 5436 Mary Ann Peat March 1888Bramley9b409
5746John Charles Ford 5501Elizabeth Silverwood March 1888Barnsley9c195
6856Thomas Houghland 568Lavinia Ann Scrivens March 1888Wortley9c288
8077Joseph Hey 8083Alice Garside June 1888Huddersfield9a535
9926Lewis James S Kay 6755Sarah Hammerton June 1888Wakefield9c91
3578Cornelius Crooks 3558Alice Collier June 1888Barnsley9c257
7204George Walker 603Alice Brailsford June 1888Wortley9c336
8385George Gould 709Elizabeth Scrivens September 1888Birmingham6d20
4949James Goward 7340Jane Haigh September 1888Wakefield9c13
875George Henry Hammerton 7466Sarah Emily Brown March 1889Salford8d3
5060Henry Cornelius Silverwood 5467Elizabeth Hague September 1888Barnsley9c270
4799James Silverwood 5101Ann Bostock December 1888Huddersfield9a634
2417Henry Oxtary 9942Sarah Wright December 1888Barnsley9c252
4191George Moore 1481Sarah Jane Mallison December 1888Barnsley9c287
2367Francis Myers 2490Mary Elizabeth Woffinden December 1888Barnsley9c307
1323Henry Mellor 1340Sarah Ellen Webb December 1888Barnsley9c312
8189John Lisle 4940Sarah Ann Blacker December 1888Wortley9c339
1584Charles Newman 4369 Jane Cave March 1889Sturminster5a345
8234Thomas Taylor 8234 Emma Barrow March 1889Huddersfield9a433
5066Charles Silverwood 5483 Clara Ellen Ellis March 1889Huddersfield9a435
5312Henry Wood 7244 Sarah Ann Turner March 1889Wortley9c272
8619Robert Surtees 8059 Agnes Hey March 1889Wortley9c295
6692Thomas Hammerton 7231 Ellen Shaw March 1889Wortley9c315
5608Luther Roebuck 5211 Edith Silverwood March 1889Sheffield9c407
821Enoch Barker Hollins


Frances Hannah Danforth June 1889Barnsley9c257
7176James Clark 4989Ada Ellen Peel June 1889Barnsley9c289
5439Daniel Beavors 7262Hannah Hill June 1889Stockton10a116
1942Samuel Worthington


Jane Tatley September 1889Wigan8c169
5098Harry Radley 5095Mary Jane Silverwood September 1889Huddersfield9a419
8194Edwin Lisle 4941Annie Blacker September 1889Wortley9c321
8592William John Bugby 10499Selina Freenman December 1889Birmingham6d137
5025Thomas Silverwood 5028Ann Archer March 1890Nottingham7b346
1000Charles Billingham 716Jane Lythgoe March 1890Wigan8c84
5257Jonas Beardsell 6898Annie Aspinall March 1890Dewsbury9b819
7163Henry Jackman 6766 Ada Hannah Hammerton March 1890Barnsley9c197
5564George Smith 5174 Emma Silverwood March 1890Wortley9c290
642John Jessop 6855 Kate Caroline Higgins March 1890Wortley9c300
7253Noah Sanderson Saville 2805 Edith Hammerton March 1890Sheffield9c441
5018James Scott 4772Selina Silverwood June 1890Huddersfield9a573
3805Tom Haddock 3776Emily Scrivens June 1890Westbury S.6a478
939Thomas Symons 444Mary Eliza Austin June 1890Barnsley9c289
4556George Fairham 7213Jane Hazlehurst June 1890Barnsley9c309
968Robert Sykes 3205Emma England June 1890Barnsley9c355
3775William Scrivens 3792Miriam Thomas September 1890Westbury S.6a440
8803Martin Battye 6745 Sarah Jane Kilner September 1890Huddersfield9a527
5082John Silverwood Auty 5085 Alice Morley September 1890Huddersfield9a523
8266Titus Wharam 6690 Margaret Hammerton December 1890Wakefield9c17
6853George White 602 Ann Brailsford December 1890Barnsley9c287
1312Henry Armitage 1398 Ada Littlewood December 1890Barnsley9c350
6207William Senior 6212Eliza Meads December 1890Wortley9c461
4908Jacob Silverwood 5304Alice Sophia Cranidge December 1890Thorne9c1239
6912Robert Davison 6833Martha Brook March 1891Dewsbury9b876
9430Ben Fitton


Hannah Clegg March 1891Wakefield9c15

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