The POULTON Web: 1881 Census (Continued)


Abode: 50, Nook, Pemberton, Lancashire Piece: 3780 Folio: 31 Page: 1 No: 2
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Moses Worthington Head35Married Coal MinerShevington
Ellen Worthington Wife26Married Cotton weaverPemberton
Peter Worthington Son6   Pemberton
Abraham Worthington Son5   Pemberton
Hester Worthington Daughter1   Pemberton
Esther A AtherstoneMotLaw68  Hand Loom Cotton WeaverOrrell
Abode: 508, Ormskirk Road, Pemberton, Lancashire Piece: 3780 Folio: 49 Page: 37 No: 188
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Abraham Worthington Head30Married Coal MinerOrrell
Mary J Worthington Wife26Married  Somerset
William Worthington Son7  ScholarStandish
George Worthington Son4  ScholarWigan
Annie Worthington Daughter1   Pemberton
Abode: 493, Ormskirk Road, Pemberton, Lancashire Piece: 3780 Folio: 74 Page: 31 No: 185
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Peter Worthington Head35Married Labourer in Coal MinerPemberton
Sarah Worthington Wife40Married WifeCastleden, Durham
Margaret Worthington Daughter16Unmarried Roving Carrier In Cotton MillCastleden, Durham
Mary Worthington Daughter12  Sweeper In Cotton MillCastleden, Durham
Jane Worthington Daughter10  ScholarCastleden, Durham
William Worthington Son3   Castleden, Durham
Thomas Worthington Son1   Pemberton
Abode: Mill Lane, Upholland, Lancashire Piece: 3782 Folio: 25 Page: 20 No: 114
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
James Smith Head33Married Farm LabourerWigan
Jane Smith Wife40Married  Ireland
Mary Smith Daughter10  ScholarLiverpool
Jane Smith Daughter7  ScholarUpholland
Bridgett McCullenSisLaw49Widow Domestic ServantIreland
Abode: Warrington, Winwick, Lancashire Piece: 3789 Folio: 13 Page: 19 No: 13
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
John Clare Head47Married StrikerHougton
Hannah Clare Wife40Married  Orford
Hannah Elizabeth Clare Daughter3   Hulme
Abode: 10, Mather Lane, Bedford, Lancashire Piece: 3804 Folio: 5 Page: 3 No: 11
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
John Gerrard Head47Married BookkeeperWest Leigh
Elizabeth Gerrard Wife43Married Silk WeaverBedford
James Edwin Gerrard Son20Unmarried JoinerBedford
Annie Gerrard Daughter17Unmarried Silk WeaverBedford
Margaret Gerrard Daughter13  Silk WeaverBedford
Margaret RichardsonAunt69Unmarried Fancy WeaverBedford
Abode: White Horse Inn, Elliot Street, Tyldesley, Lancashire Piece: 3810 Folio: 88 Page: 6 No: 28
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Thomas Ryder Head25Married Beer SellerTyldesley
Ann Ryder Wife21Married Beer Sellers WifeTyldesley
Abode: 58, Manchester Road, Tyldesley, Lancashire Piece: 3811 Folio: 77 Page: 8 No: 30
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Peter Ratcliffe Head33Married Coal MinerBedford
Elizabeth Ratcliffe Wife31Married  Standish
Annie Ratcliffe Daughter4   Tyldesley
Kate Kershaw Visitor30Married Dress MakerBedford
Abode: 14, Woking Street, Tyldesley, Lancashire Piece: 3811 Folio: 113 Page: 20 No: 103
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
William Kershaw Head52Married CloggerStandish
Sarah Kershaw Wife50Married  Tyldesley
John Kershaw Son25Unmarried Grocers ShopmanTyldesley
James Kershaw Son16  Cotton SpinnerTyldesley
Sarah Kershaw Daughter14  ScholarTyldesley
Abode: 90, Elliot Street, Tyldesley, Lancashire Piece: 3811 Folio: 118 Page: 29 No: 181
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
James Kershaw Head60Widow Boot Maker employing 4 men & 1 boyStandish
Ann Kershaw Daughter21Unmarried  Tyldesley
Alfred S LoweNephew18Unmarried Medical StudentLeigh
Abode: 1, Church Street, Tyldesley, Lancashire Piece: 3811 Folio: 415 Page: 26 No: 152
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
John Grounds Head30Married School MasterWarrington
Elizabeth Grounds Wife23Married  Tyldesley
Mary Grounds Daughter1   Tyldesley
Harold Grounds Daughter1m   Tyldesley
Abode: 190, Hall Lane, Farnworth, Lancashire Piece: 3813 Folio: 100 Page: 12 No: 54
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
William Worthington Head30Married Black SmithKearsley
Ellen Worthington Wife31Married  Kearsley
Annie Worthington Daughter5   Gt Lever
Abode: 3, Brackley Terrace, Great Lever, Lancashire Piece: 3848 Folio: 106 Page: 58 No: 283
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
George Worthington Head56Married Manager Chemical WorksStandish
Nancy Worthington Wife54Married  Farnworth
Mary Alice Worthington Daughter17Unmarried No OccupationKearsley
George Worthington Son13  ScholarGreat Lever
Abode: 416, Bell Mount, Bolton Upon Iswell, Lancashire Piece: 3881 Folio: 108 Page: 35 No: 50
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Ashley FarnellBoarder19Unmarried ForemanLeeds
Abode: Shetford Road, Urmston, Barton Upon Orrell, Lancashire Piece: 3889 Folio: 21 Page: 35 No: 179
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
John Waterworth Head40Married Tobacco ManufacturerRaiburn
Annie Waterworth Wife29Married  Shelley
Edith A Waterworth Daughter8  ScholarManchester
Harry Waterworth Son1   Manchester
Abode: 28, Parker Street, Ardwick, Manchester, Lancashire Piece: 3897 Folio: 28 Page: 50 No: 279
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
John H LloydBoarder20Unmarried PlumberAbergele,Denbigh,Wales
Abode: 41, Corporation Street, Ardwick, Manchester, Lancashire Piece: 3897 Folio: 104 Page: 20 No: 104
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
James Farnell Head47Married Tram Car DriverLeeds
Mary Farnell Wife43Married ShopkeeperLiverpool
Rowland Farnell Son20Unmarried Tram Car ConductorLeeds
Florence Farnell Daughter19Unmarried CookLeeds
Abode: 79, Cross Lane, Gorton, Manchester, Lancashire Piece: 3904 Folio: 87 Page: 4 No: 19
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Abraham Silverwood Head56Married Time Keeper in Iron WorksOxspring, Penistone
Elizabeth Silverwood Wife55Married  Newton, Manchester
Emma Silverwood Daughter15  Cotton Power Loom WeaverGorton
Abode: Farm Lane, Levenshulm, Chorlton, Lancashire Piece: 3911 Folio: 18 Page: 30 No: 157
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
David Farnell Head50Married Calico Printers LabourerHeadingley
Ann Farnell Wife49Married  Bramham, Wry
Godfrey Farnell Son22Unmarried Fish & Game Labourer UnemployedMeanwood, Wry
Phillis Ann Farnell Daughter18Unmarried Cotton ReelerHeadingley
Laura Farnell Daughter16Unmarried Cotton WinderHeadingley
Louisa Farnell Daughter11  ScholarHarpurhey, Lan
Emily Farnell Daughter9  ScholarCollinghurst, Lan
Abode: 45, Lloyd Street, Chorlton on Medlock, Manchester, Lancashire Piece: 3922 Folio: 76 Page: 17 No: 92
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Robert Needham Head34Married ButcherDerby
Clara Needham Wife33Married  Denbigh
George W Needham Son6   Manchester
John A Needham Son1   Manchester
Joshua Rolley Servant19Unmarried Butcher ServantManchester
Clara P DanforthNiece16Unmarried  Hoyland
Abode: Chorlton County Barracks, Canaley Barracks, Hulme, Lancashire Piece: 3940 Folio: 145 Page: 18 No: 22
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Francis Hammerton Head28Married PrivateBirmingham
Caroline Hammerton Wife24Married  Colchester
Ernest Hammerton Son3   Colchester
Alfred Hammerton Son1   Houndslow, Mdx
Abode: 44, Bridgewater Street, Salford, Manchester, Lancashire Piece: 3963 Folio: 54 Page: 15 No: 74
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Jonathan Hammerton Head47Married Pattern Maker for MachinistChapeltown
J Caroline Hammerton Wife47Married  Doncaster
Charlesworth Hammerton Son24Unmarried Clerk in WarehouseChapeltown
George H Hammerton Son20Unmarried Clerk in WarehouseElsecar
Eliza Hammerton Daughter17Unmarried Cotton BallerSalford
Arthur Hammerton Son15  ScholarSalford
Alice Hammerton Daughter10  ScholarSalford
William B SilverwoodBoarder19Unmarried Medical StudentHuddersfield
Abode: 28, Aqueduct Street, Manchester, Lancashire Piece: 3994 Folio: 15 Page: 23 No: 124
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
John Parr Head53Married Overlooker Cotton MillScotland
Maria Parr Wife46Married HouseWifeMiddlewich, Cheshire
John ParrSon21Unmarried Railway CarterManchester
Elizabeth J Parr Daughter22Unmarried Tin Plate Works AsstManchester
Thomas ParrSon17Unmarried Callow WinderManchester
Edwin J ParrSon15  Office Boy RailwayManchester
Annie M Parr Daughter13  ScholarManchester
Albert ParrSon10  ScholarManchester
Sarah E Parr Daughter7  ScholarManchester
William H ParrSon5  ScholarManchester
Abode: 476, Collyhurst Road, Manchester, Lancashire Piece: 4031 Folio: 121 Page: 39 No: 196
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Robert William Nield Head29Married Manager of Small PickleManchester
Clara Louisa Nield Wife30Married General WorksBradford
Robert William Nield Son6   Manchester
Percy Ethelwald Nield Son5   Manchester
Abode: 22, Woodlands Road, Cheetham, Manchester, Lancashire Piece: 4023 Folio: 91 Page: 32 No: 146
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
John Bednal Head50Married Printer & StationerManchester
Elizabeth Bednal Wife49Married  Manchester
John H Bednal Son28Unmarried StationerBlackley
Frederick S Bednal Son27Unmarried No Occupation: ParalysedBlackley
Amy Bednal Daughter21   Blackley
Jessie Bednal Daughter17   Cheetham
Arthur Bednal Son10  ScholarCheetham
Abode: Crab Lane, Blackley, Prestwich, Manchester, Lancashire Piece: 4031 Folio: 112 Page: 22 No: 105
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Henry Crompton Head53Married Farmer of 8 AcresTonge
Sarah A Crompton Wife36Married  Crumpsall
James Crompton Son25Unmarried JoinerHigher Blackley
John Crompton Son23Unmarried Cotton FinisherHigher Blackley
Henry Crompton Son21Unmarried MasonHeywood
Susannah CromptonDaughter14  Nurse MaidHigher Blackley
Charles Crompton Son10   Higher Blackley
Abode: Crab Lane, Blackley, Prestwich, Manchester, Lancashire Piece: 4031 Folio: 121 Page: 39 No: 196
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
William Ramsden Head60Married Maker Up StuffsLeeds
Hannah Ramsden Wife58Married  Headingley
James W F Ramsden Son32Unmarried Hydraulic PackerBradford
Matilda A Ramsden Daughter28Unmarried Winder:Out of WorkHulme
Louis H E Ramsden Son26Unmarried Knife CutterHulme
Thomas E Ramsden Son23Unmarried GardenerHulme
Ada L Ramsden Daughter22Unmarried Domestic Servant:Out of WorkBlackley
Yertius A Ramsden Son19Unmarried  Blackley
Jessie A Ramsden Son16Unmarried  Blackley
Abode: Wilton Street, Prestwich, Lancashire Piece: 4033 Folio: 27 Page: 47 No: 250
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
John Lockett Head45Married SalesmanMiddlewich, Cheshire
Ann Lockett Wife42Married  Hemsworth
Minnie Lockett Daughter15  Dress MakerPrestwich
Sarah A Lockett Daughter13  ScholarPrestwich
Fanny Lockett Daughter11  ScholarPrestwich
Lucy Lockett Daughter8  ScholarPrestwich
William Lockett Son3   Prestwich
Abode: Seel Stree, Mossley, Ashton under Lyne Piece: 4058 Folio: 115 Page: 43 No: 209
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Thomas Frost Head56Married ButcherMossley
Alice Frost Wife51Married  Saddleworth
Alice Ann MossNiece18Unmarried Domestic ServantAshton
Sarah MossMotLaw71Widow DraperMossley
Mary Moss Daughter32Unmarried MillinerMossley
Herbert Silverwood SonLaw32Married Cotton SpinnerHolmfirth
Hannah Silverwood Wife36Married DraperSaddleworth
Ann Moss Silverwood Daughter1   Mossley
Abode: Mossley, Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire Piece: 4059 Folio: 17 Page: 27 No: 130
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Henry Dickson Head62Married General DealerHolmfirth
Ann Dickson Wife61Married  Holmfirth
Christina Dickson (Twin) Daughter21Unmarried ? TenterBurton
Christian Dickson (Twin) Son21Unmarried Minder CMBurton
Abode: 325, Park Road, Oldham, Lancashire Piece: 4082 Folio: 15 Page: 24 No: 115
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Samuel Ingham Head47Married Commercial Clerk Iron WorksLepton, Yks
Jane Ingham Wife48Married  Wrexham, Derbyshire
Charles A Ingham Son21  Cotton Yarn SalesmanOldham
Percival Ingham Son16  Clerk at Gas WorksOldham
Gertrude M Ingham Daughter13  ScholarOldham
Edgar P Ingham Son9  ScholarOldham
Sam A Ingham Son3   Oldham
Abode: Back Blackwood Road, Spotland, Bacup, Lancashire Piece: 4122 Folio: 67 Page: 30 No: 158
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
George Hy Hacking Head30Married Coal MinerNewchurch
Sarah Hacking Wife30Married  Newchurch
Hannah Hacking Daughter9  ScholarStackstead
Henry Hacking Son7  ScholarStackstead
Elizth Ann Hacking Daughter4   Stackstead
Edmund Law Hacking Son1   Stackstead
Abode: 5, Arundel Street, Habergham Eaves, Lancashire Piece: 4154 Folio: 9 Page: 11 No: 57
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
George Farrimond Head40Married Coal MinerShevington
Ellen Farrimond Wife40Married  Wigan
Mary FarrimondDaughter14  Cotton WeaverStandish
James Farrimond Son12  Coal MinerCoxhoe, Durham
Hannah FarrimondDaughter10  Cotton WeaverPemberton
Thomas Farrimond Son7  ScholarPemberton
Isaiah Farrimond Son5  ScholarPemberton
Esther FarrimondDaughter2   Burnley
Abode: Starbeck Albert Terrace, Bilton Cum Harrogate, Yorkshire Piece: 4325 Folio: 50 Page: 11 No: 18
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Isaac Ellis Head41Married Gardener (Domestic)Leeds
Jane Ellis Wife49Married  Leeds
Mary Jane EllisDaughter26   Rotherham
Arthur Ellis Son13  ScholarAldbro, York
William Ellis Son10  ScholarAldbro, York
Abode: Woodfield Row, Bingley, Yorkshire Piece: 4334 Folio: 74 Page: 6 No: 29
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Isaac Symons Head45Married Miner (Railway Tunnel) (Laborer)Sints Mortine, Cornwall
Jane Symons Wife46Married  Trewidland, Cornwall
Amelia SymonsDaughter18Unmarried Factory Hand WorstedTrewidland, Cornwall
Thomas Symons Son15  Factory Hand WorstedTrewidland, Cornwall
William Symons Son10  ScholarTrewidland, Cornwall
Abode: Cobblers Hill, Saddleworth, Yorkshire Piece: 4363 Folio: 99 Page: 1 No: 4
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Ben Wrigley Head36Unmarried Woollen WeaverSaddleworth
Alice A WrigleySister29Unmarried Woollen WeaverSaddleworth
Abode: Weasley, Saddleworth, Yorkshire Piece: 4364 Folio: 125 Page: 15 No: 86
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
William Wortley Head48Married WaggonerKirkburton
Mary E WortleyDaughter17Unmarried Woollen PiecerSlaithwaite
Harriet WortleyDaughter15  Woollen PiecerHuddersfield
George Wm Wortley Son11   Huddersfield
Abode: Roughtown, Saddleworth, Yorkshire Piece: 4365 Folio: 27 Page: 47 No: 245
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Benjamin Silverwood Head26Married PainterSaddleworth
Hannah Silverwood Wife27Married Cotton WeaverSaddleworth
Abode: Roughtown, Saddleworth, Yorkshire Piece: 4365 Folio: 27 Page: 47 No: 245
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Joseph Silverwood Head40Widow Cotton CarderMossley
Abode: Roughtown, Saddleworth, Yorkshire Piece: 4365 Folio: 27 Page: 47 No: 249
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Charles Silverwood Head67Married Farm LabourerSaddleworth
Minerva Silverwood Wife63Married House KeeperSaddleworth
Minerva SilverwoodDaughter30Unmarried Cotton WeaverSaddleworth
Sarah H SilverwoodDaughter24Unmarried Cotton ReelerSaddleworth
Harriet HoyleDaughter34Widow Cotton Bobbin MakerSaddleworth
Mary Hoyle GrndDau1   Saddleworth
Abode: Roughtown, Saddleworth, Yorkshire Piece: 4365 Folio: 28 Page: 49 No: 260
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Walter Radcliffe Head35Married PlumberMossley
Ann Radcliffe Wife36Married  Mossley
Amelia A RadcliffeDaughter12  Cotton SpinnerMossley
John C Radcliffe Son10  ScholarMossley
Minerva RadcliffeDaughter8  ScholarMossley
James H Radcliffe Son2   Mossley
Abode: Scarr Hall, Linthwaite, Yorkshire Piece: 4366 Folio: 111 Page: 10 No: 46
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Esther Ann Wortley Lodger19Unmarried Woollen WeaverStocksmoor, Yorkshire
Abode: Hard End, Marsden in Almondbury, Yorkshire Piece: 4366 Folio: 111 Page: 10 No: 46
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Margaret Hammerton Visitor25Unmarried Dress MakerEmley
James Hammerton Boarder33Unmarried Worsted WeaverEmley
Abode: Calm Lands, Meltham, Huddersfield, Yorkshire Piece: 4368 Folio: 125 Page: 5 No: 27
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
George Garside Head61Married Machine Maker (Sp Mac)Honley
Caroline Garside Wife59Married  Linthwaite
George Garside Son20Unmarried Machine Maker (Sp)Meltham
Alice GarsideDaughter17Unmarried Dress MakerMeltham
Joe Charlesworth GrndSon11  Apprentice To Machine MakerMeltham
Abode: Market Place, Meltham, Colne Valley, Yorkshire Piece: 4368 Folio: 157 Page: 1 No: 1
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Daniel Mellor Head65Unmarried GrocerMeltham
Richard MellorNephew47Unmarried GrocerHonley
Mary Mellor Niece44Unmarried GrocerHonley
Jas W MellorNephew18Unmarried Assistantto GrocerMeltham
Abode: Oldfield Buildings, Honley, Yorkshire Piece: 4369 Folio: 16 Page: 26 No: 156
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
George Clarkson Head38Married Engine SmithHonley
Ellen Clarkson Wife36Married  Honley
Mary A ClarksonDaughter18Unmarried Woollen WeaverHonley
Thomas Clarkson Son14  Cloth Finisher (Woollen)Honley
Fanny ClarksonDaughter9  ScholarHonley
Edith ClarksonDaughter4  ScholarHonley
Abode: Marsh Platt Lane, Honley Yorkshire Piece: 4369 Folio: 45 Page: 9 No: 37
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Emma Silverwood Servant45Unmarried Domestic ServantPenistone
Abode: Isle of Skye Hotel, Upperthong, Denby, Yorkshire Piece: 4370 Folio: 58 Page: 14 No: 70
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
William Senior Servant13  Farm ServantSilkstone
Abode: Rycroft, Cartworth, Holmfirth, Yorkshire Piece: 4371 Folio: 70 Page: 44 No: 218
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
John Stanley Head32Married Farmer of 9 AcresHolmfirth
Jane Stanley Wife32Married  Holmfirth
Mary StanleyDaughter11  ScholarPenistone
Ann StanleyDaughter9  ScholarHolmfirth
Fanny StanleyDaughter5  ScholarHolmfirth
Foster Stanley Son1   Holmfirth
Florence StanleyDaughter1   Holmfirth
Abode: Far Cliffe, Wooldale, Holmfirth, Yorkshire Piece: 4371 Folio: 96 Page: 12 No: 55
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Joseph Silverwood Head45Married Woollen ManufacturerKirkburton
Ann Silverwood Wife37Married  Lepton
Sarah SilverwoodDaughter16   Kirkburton
Asa Silverwood Son14  Bobbin WinderKirkburton
Annie SilverwoodDaughter8  ScholarKirkburton
Agnes SilverwoodDaughter6  ScholarKirkburton
Irving Silverwood Son3  ScholarKirkburton
Percy Silverwood Son1   Kirkburton
Norman Silverwood Son5m   Kirkburton
Abode: Middle Hadden, Fulstone, Holmfirth, Yorkshire Piece: 4372 Folio: 25 Page: 66 No: 12
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
John Woodhead Head48Married Woollen WeaverFulstone
Ann Woodhead Wife42Married House DutiesShepley
Arthur Woodhead Son16  Woollen WeaverShepley
Walter Woodhead Son12  ScholarFulstone
Ellen WoodheadDaughter10  ScholarFulstone
Alice WoodheadDaughter3   Fulstone
Ernest Woodhead Son7m   Fulstone
Abode: Scholes, Wooldale, Holmfirth, Yorkshire Piece: 4372 Folio: 94 Page: 2 No: 13
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Frank Hampshaw Head37Married Worsted WeaverTothes
Hannah Hampshaw Wife33Married  Scholes
Willie Hampshaw Son11  ScholarScholes
George Hampshaw Son8  ScholarScholes
Job Hampshaw Son2   Scholes
Abode: Grocers Shop, Upper End, Fulstone, Yorkshire Piece: 4372 Folio: 117 Page: 17 No: 72
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Mary Silverwood Head77Widow  Wooldale
Martha SilverwoodDaughter41Unmarried House Keeper DomesticWooldale
George Silverwood Son35Unmarried Shop Keeper GrocerWooldale
Abode: Gatehouse, Paris, Cartworth, Yorkshire Piece: 4372 Folio: 120 Page: 23 No: 103
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Thomas Hinchcliffe Head50Married Tallow ChandlerHigh Hoyland
Esther Hinchcliffe Wife40Married  N K
William Hinchcliffe Son18Unmarried Tallow ChandlerHigh Hoyland
Mary A HinchcliffeDaughter13  ScholarHigh Hoyland
Sarah E HinchcliffeDaughter10  ScholarHigh Hoyland
Adah J HinchcliffeDaughter8  ScholarHigh Hoyland
Joseph Hinchcliffe Son6  ScholarKirkburton
James H Hinchcliffe Son3   Kirkburton
Hester E HinchcliffeDaughter2   Kirkburton

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