The POULTON Web: 1891 Census (Continued)


Abode: 3, Sunset View, Ilkley, Yorkshire Piece: 527 Folio: 115 Page: 29 No: 173
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
William B Brown Head49Married Master GrocerNorthampton
Janet BrownWife42Married  Bradford
Annie BrownDaughter19Single  Bradford
Janet W BrownDaughter16Single  Bradford
William S BrownSon6   Bradford
Ethel Danforth Servant20Single General Servant (Domestic)Hoyland Common
Abode: Back Salford, Middleton, Todmorden, Yorkshire Piece: 3547 Folio: 76 Page: 9 No: 64
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Eli HelliwellHead46Married Machine Planer (At Ironworks)Sowerby
Hannah Helliwell Wife45Married  Liverpool
John HelliwellSon23Single Cotton WeaverRochdale
Thomas HelliwellSon21Single Cotton WeaverLittleboro
James E HelliwellSon17Single Cotton WeaverTodmorden
Willie HelliwellSon14  Iron Fitters ApprenticeTodmorden
Hannah M HelliwellDaughter19Single Cotton WeaverTodmorden
Susannah HelliwellDaughter12  Doffer in Cotton MillTodmorden
Lavinia HelliwellDaughter9  ScholarTodmorden
Abode: Sandhed, Saddleworth, Yorkshire Piece: 3550 Folio: 106 Page: 2 No: 12
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Ben Wrigley Head47Married Woollen WarperSaddleworth
Minerva WrigleyWife40Married  Holmfirth
Joseph Wrigley Son8  ScholarSaddleworth
Charles A Wrigley Son5  ScholarSaddleworth
Abode: 9, High Street, Saddleworth, Yorkshire Piece: 3552 Folio: 55 Page: 41 No: 448
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Walter Radcliffe Head45Married PainterSaddleworth
Ann RadcliffeWife64Married  Saddleworth
John C Radcliffe Son20Single PainterSaddleworth
Minerva Radcliffe Daughter18Single Coldspeed TenterSaddleworth
James H Radcliffe Son12   Saddleworth
Joseph W Radcliffe Son10   Saddleworth
Mary H Radcliffe Daughter5   Saddleworth
Ernest Radcliffe Son 1 Saddleworth
Abode: Market Place, Meltham, Colne Valley, Yorkshire Piece: 3555 Folio: 117 Page: 1 No: 1
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
James W Mellor Head27Married Grocer & DraperMeltham
Sarah D MellorWife22Married  Meltham
Mary H Mellor Daughter3   Meltham
Hannah Woodhead Head61Widow Living on her own meansMeltham
Abode: Factory Lane, Meltham, Colne Valley, Yorkshire Piece: 3555 Folio: 142 Page: 8 No: 53
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Martha Haigh Head39Married House KeeperCrosland, Yks
William HaighSon19Single Woollen FettlerMeltham
Hildred HaighSon6  ScholarMeltham
Carrie HaighDaughter5   Meltham
Abode: Oldfield Buildings, Honley, Farnley Tyas, Yorkshire Piece: 3556 Folio: 28 Page: 10 No: 67
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Lister Hallas Head27Married Woollen WeaverHoyland
Mary Ann HallasWife28Married Woollen WeaverHonley
Abode: Hall Ing, Honley, Farnley Tyas, Yorkshire Piece: 3556 Folio: 56 Page: 4 No: 31
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Joseph Hallas Head56Married TailorLepton
Jane HallasWife50Married  Emley
John Hallas Son22  Woollen DyerFarnley Tyas
Mary Jane Hallas Daughter20  Woollen WeaverFarnley Tyas
Franklin Hallas Son17  TwisterFarnley Tyas
Sarah Alice Hallas Daughter15  Dress MakerFarnley Tyas
Robert Hallas Son12  ScholarFarnley Tyas
Annie Hallas Daughter9  ScholarFarnley Tyas
Abode: Rycroft, Cartworth, Holmfirth, Yorkshire Piece: 3558 Folio: 64 Page: 4 No: 20
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
John Stanley Head41Married FarmerHolmfirth
Jane StanleyWife42Married  Holmfirth
Mary Stanley Daughter21  Woollen MenderHolmfirth
Ann Stanley Daughter19   Holmfirth
Fanny Stanley Daughter15   Holmfirth
Foster Stanley Son11  ScholarHolmfirth
Florence Stanley Daughter11  ScholarHolmfirth
Lillie Stanley Daughter9  ScholarHolmfirth
Edith Stanley Daughter4  ScholarHolmfirth
Abode: Scan Hall, Fulstone, Holmfirth, Yorkshire Piece: 3559 Folio: 32 Page: 6 No: 31
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Jane Hinchliffe Head56Widow  Penistone
Martha L Hinchliffe Daughter20Single Woollen KnotterPenistone
Alice Hinchliffe Daughter16  Woollen WarperPenistone
Bessie S Hinchliffe Daughter9  ScholarMill House
Abode: Springwood, Fulstone, Holmfirth, Yorkshire Piece: 3559 Folio: 38 Page: 18 No: 101
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Henry Brodbent Head31Married Woollen Pattern WeaverShepley
Mary BrodbentWife29Married  Shepley
Lilian BrodbentDaughter3   New Mill
Bernard BrodbentSon1   New Mill
Abode: 4, Tinker, Scholes, Wooldale, Holmfirth, Yorkshire Piece: 3559 Folio: 86 Page: 4 No: 22
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Hannah Hampshaw Head43Widow  Scholes Moor, Wooldale
Willie Hampshaw Son21Single GardenerScholes, Wooldale
George Hampshaw Son18Single Cloth FinisherScholes, Wooldale
Job Hampshaw Son12  School BoyScholes, Wooldale
Lucy A HeppenstallNiece19Single Pupil TeacherKirkburton
Abode: The Lodge, Wooldale, Holmfirth, Yorkshire Piece: 3559 Folio: 90 Page: 11 No: 70
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
James Ballam Head42Married GardenerDorsetshire
Sarah BallamWife36Married  Scholes
Grace R BallamVisitor19Single Worsted ReelerDorsetshire
Annie BallamDaughter17Single Worsted WinderDorsetshire
Elizabeth C BallamDaughter15  Worsted TwisterYorkshire
Walter J BallamSon12  ScholarYorkshire
Ada b S BallamDaughter7  ScholarYorkshire
Gertrude A BallamDaughter5  ScholarYorkshire
Abode: Soft House, Wooldale, Holmfirth, Yorkshire Piece: 3559 Folio: 91 Page: 14 No: 89
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
George Silverwood Head45Single Tea Dealer and General MerchantScholes
Martha SilverwoodSister51Single House Keeper (Domestic)Scholes
Abode: Ingtholme Bridge, Thurstonland, Holmfirth, Yorkshire Piece: 3560 Folio: 20 Page: 14 No: 96
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Joseph Silverwood Head54Married Woollen ManufacturerKirkburton
Ann SilverwoodWife47Married  Kirkheaton
Sarah Silverwood Daughter26  Domestic ServantKirkburton
Asa Silverwood Son24  Woollen Mill ManagerKirkburton
Annie Silverwood Daughter18  Pupil TeacherKirkburton
Agnes Silverwood Daughter16  Woollen Bobbin WinderKirkburton
Irvine Silverwood Son13  Errand BoyKirkburton
Percy Silverwood Son11  School BoyKirkburton
Gertrude Silverwood Daughter8  ScholarKirkburton
Edgar Silverwood Son7  ScholarKirkburton
Abode: Old Hey Moorhouse, Shepley, Yorkshire Piece: 3560 Folio: 37 Page: 24 No: 148
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Henry Silverwood Head41Married Railway PointsmanShelley
Emma SilverwoodWife37Married  Holmfirth
Arthur Silverwood Son16  Railway ClerkShepley
Herbert Silverwood Son6  ScholarShepley
Hubert Silverwood Son3  ScholarShepley
Abode: Dyke Bottom, Shepley, Yorkshire Piece: 3560 Folio: 55 Page: 27 No: 181
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
George Wortley Head60Married Clothier (Cloth Dealer)Shelley
Mary WortleyWife61Married  Shelley
Fred Wortley Son26Single Book KeeperShelley
Laura Wortley Daughter22Single  Shelley
Eliza Wortley Daughter19Single  Shepley
Abode: Dyke Bottom, Shepley, Yorkshire Piece: 3560 Folio: 55 Page: 27 No: 181
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Sarah Ann Wortley Head46Married  Shepley
Annie Wortley Daughter27Single Curl WeaverFarnley
Charlie Wortley Son24Single Curl WeaverShelley Woodhouse
Clara Wortley Daughter15  Winder (Woollen)Shelley Woodhouse
Nellie Wortley Daughter13  ScholarShelley Woodhouse
Florence Wortley Daughter11  ScholarShelley Woodhouse
John Henry Wortley Son6  ScholarShelley Woodhouse
Arthur Holden Wortley Son2   Denby
Abode: Wakefield Road, Cumberworth, Yorkshire Piece: 3560 Folio: 78 Page: 10 No: 62
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
John Smith Head57Married BlacksmithHonley
Elizabeth SmithWife51Married  Fulstone
Martha Ann Smith Daughter27Single Power WeaverCumberworth
Emma Smith Daughter25Single Mender Woollen WorstedCumberworth
Seth Smith Son22Single BlacksmithCumberworth
Lucy Smith Daughter16  Winder (Wool)Cumberworth
Abode: Lower Cumberworth, Cumberworth, Yorkshire Piece: 3560 Folio: 86 Page: 26 No: 147
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Henry Pell Head65Married Worst Formerly Pattern WeaverCumberworth: Infirm
Maria PellWife52Married  Cumberworth
James Pell Son25Single Spin Card StamperCumberworth
Naomi Pell Daughter23Single Power Loom Weaver: WorstedCumberworth
Amelia A Pell Daughter21Single Power Loom Weaver: WorstedCumberworth
Malinda Pell Daughter19Single Power Loom Weaver: WorstedCumberworth
Philip Pell Son17Single Trammer in Coal MineCumberworth
Lillian Pell Daughter11  ScholarCumberworth
Maria Pell Daughter9  ScholarCumberworth
Ethel Pell Daughter7  ScholarCumberworth
Roland PellGrndSon5m   Cumberworth
Abode: Greenside, Lower Cumberworth, Cumberworth, Yorkshire Piece: 3560 Folio: 87 Page: 28 No: 156
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Henry KIlner Head58Widow Road LabourerCumberworth
Mary SmithServant62Single Dom HousekeeperCumberworth
Tenton SmithServ Son22Single Silk BeamerCumberworth
Nace K SmithServ Son20Single Labouring in Brick YardCumberworth
Sarah SmithServ Dau17Single Silk Weaver Power LoomCumberworth
Abode: Top of Hill, Lower Cumberworth, Yorkshire Piece: 3560 Folio: 87 Page: 28 No: 158
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
James Silverwood Head52Married FarmerEmley
Ann Silverwood Wife42Married  
Elizabeth Silverwood Daughter17  Weaver: Fancy Woollen GoodsEmley
Abode: Town End, Shelley, Yorkshire Piece: 3560 Folio: 92 Page: 2 No: 16
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Henry Silverwood Head66Widow Postmaster Later GrocerShelley
Lilian Silverwood Daughter26Single Asst in Post OfficeShelley
Ethel Mary Silverwood Daughter17Single ConfectionerShelley
Ann Waterworth Daughter39Widow House KeeperShelley
Edith Annie WaterworthGrndDau18Single Milliner & Dress MakerManchester
Harry S WaterworthGrndSon11  School BoyManchester
Abode: Town End, Shelley, Yorkshire Piece: 3560 Folio: 93 Page: 4 No: 27
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Thomas Silverwood Head85Widow Retired WeaverShelley
Ellen Silverwood Daughter61Single  Shelley
Abode: Town End, Shelley, Yorkshire Piece: 3560 Folio: 93 Page: 4 No: 28
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
George Hoyle Head51Married Road SurveyorShelley
Emma Hoyle Wife49Married  Shelley
Mary HoyleDaughter24Single Woollen WeaverShelley
Peter HoyleSon23Single Coal MinerLiverpool
Ada Hoyle Daughter22Single Woollen WeaverShelley
Lily Hoyle Daughter16  Woollen WeaverShelley
Andrew HoyleSon10  ScholarShelley
Abode: Village, Shelley, Yorkshire Piece: 3560 Folio: 96 Page: 9 No: 61
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Wright Berry Head45Married Engine Tenter at Size WorksShelley
Harriet Berry Wife44Married  Shelley
Herbert BerrySon13  Glue WasherShelley
Abode: Bottom of Town, Shelley, Yorkshire Piece: 3560 Folio: 101 Page: 19 No: 134
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Allen Ramsden Head44Married Machine Maker (Jacquard)Shelley
Martha Ramsden Wife41Married  Shelley
Mary A RamsdenDaughter14   Shelley
Constance RamsdenDaughter12   Shelley
Gladys M RamsdenDaughter10   Shelley
Arthur W RamsdenSon4   Shelley
Abode: Greenhouse, Shelley, Yorkshire Piece: 3560 Folio: 101 Page: 20 No: 139
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Benjamin Silverwood Head45Single FarmerShelley
George SilverwoodBrother28Single Colliery BanksmanShelley
Martha A SilverwoodSister33Single  Shelley
Fred EarnshawSon16  Farmers SonShelley
Abode: Royd House, Shelley, Yorkshire Piece: 3560 Folio: 102 Page: 22 No: 151
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Thomas Taylor Head33Married Farm LabourerShelley
Emma TaylorWife38Married  Penistone
Abode: Royd House, Shelley, Yorkshire Piece: 3560 Folio: 102 Page: 22 No: 155
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Charles Stringer Head29Married Coal MinerEmley
Ellen StringerWife25Married  Emley
Jenny StringerDaughter6   Emley
Arnold StringerDaughter3   Emley
Abode: Woodhouse, Shelley, Yorkshire Piece: 3560 Folio: 105 Page: 27 No: 189
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Edmund Wortley Head77Married Retired Fancy WeaverShelley
Amelia Wortley Wife74Married  Shelley
Walter Wortley Son41Single Cloth Finisher (Wool)Shelley
Louisa Wortley Daughter35Single Cloth Mender (Wool)Shelley
Abode: Far Bank, Shelley, Yorkshire Piece: 3560 Folio: 112 Page: 5 No: 29
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Sidney Batley Head70Married Retired JoinerShelley
Elizabeth SmithWife71Married  Shelley
Abode: Far Bank, Shelley, Yorkshire Piece: 3560 Folio: 112 Page: 5 No: 30
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Sidney Smith Head67Married  Shelley
Grace SmithWife63Married  Shelley
Lewis W Smith Son17Single Joiners AssistantShelley
Abode: Far Bank, Shelley, Yorkshire Piece: 3560 Folio: 112 Page: 5 No: 31
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Albert Smith Head32Married ClothierShelley
Lizzie SmithWife 28Married  Kirkburton
George Wm Smith Son3  ScholarShelley
Infant Smith Daughter< 1m   Shelley
Abode: Far Bank, Shelley, Yorkshire Piece: 3560 Folio: 113 Page: 7 No: 47
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Joe Kilner Head58Married Lacquard Card CutterShelley
Sarah Kilner Wife60Married  Shelley
Adah KilnerDaughter23Single School MistressShelley
Gertrude M KilnerDaughter14  Dressmakers ApprenticeShelley
Arthur H KilnerGrndSon3   Shelley
Abode: Bank Bottom, Shelley, Yorkshire Piece: 3560 Folio: 114 Page: 9 No: 60
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
George Townend Head48Married (Cotton) TeamerShelley
Sarah A TownendWife44Married  Skelmanthorpe
Mary Townend Daughter23Single Power Loom Worsted WeaverCumberworth
Schofield Townend Son22Single Pattern Weaver WorstedCumberworth
Alice Townend Daughter20Single Power Loom Worsted WeaverCumberworth
Annie Townend Daughter19Single Worker WoollenCumberworth
Allen Townend Son17Single Tailors ApprenticeCumberworth
Job Townend Son15  Painters ApprenticeCumberworth
Herbert Townend Son13  Pattern Weaver WorstedCumberworth
Fred Townend Son10  ScholarCumberworth
John D Townend Son9  ScholarShelley
Nellie Townend Daughter4  ScholarShelley
Abode: Hall Lane, Kirkburton, Yorkshire Piece: 3561 Folio: 10 Page: 14 No: 99
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Harriet Charlesworth Head66Widow TailoressKirkburton
George Charlesworth Son33Single Night Man at DyeworksKirkburton
Sarah Charlesworth Daughter28Single Woollen Worsted WeaverKirkburton
Charlesworth TaylorGrndSon15  Cloth FinisherKirkburton
Sam TaylorGrndSon12  Scholar Kirkburton
Abode: Spring Bank, Kirkburton, Yorkshire Piece: 3561 Folio: 16 Page: 25 No: 181
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Hugh Kilner Head43Married Dyer Labourer (Woollen)Shelley
Martha A KilnerWife41Married  Shelley
Horace KilnerSon2   Kirkburton
Martha NorthSick Nurse32Single Sick NurseKirkburton
Abode: 3, Sheep Head, Kirkburton, Yorkshire Piece: 3561 Folio: 28 Page: 7 No: 48
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Elizabeth Hey Head53Widow  Kirkburton
Sarah Hey Daughter25Single Worsted MenderKirkburton
Samuel Hey Son19Single Worsted DepartmentKirkburton
James Hey Son18Single Mill Clerk (Worsted)Kirkburton
Charles Hey Son15  Warehouse Boy (Worsted)Kirkburton
Richard Hey Son14  Finisher in (Worsted)Kirkburton
Abode: 8, Thornecliffe, Kirkburton, Yorkshire Piece: 3561 Folio: 33 Page: 18 No: 127
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
George Hey Head67Married FarmerSilkstone
Lydia HeyWife64Married  Thurstonland
Arthur Hey Son29Single ButcherShepley
Elizabeth A Hey Daughter24Single Dress MakerShepley
Agnes Hey Daughter16   Shepley
Walter Hey GrndSon20Single Farm LabourerShepley
Abode: 15, Thorncliffe, Shelley, Yorkshire Piece: 3561 Folio: 34 Page: 19 No: 134
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
James Scott Head46Married Engine Tenter at a CollieryFlockton
Selina ScottWife37Married  Shelley
William H Silverwood Son12  Coal MinerShelley
Abode: Grove Hill, Kirkburton, Yorkshire Piece: 3561 Folio: 59 Page: 31 No: 211
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
John Taylor Head51Married Woollen Fleece Weaver WoolShelley
Ann TaylorWife36Married  Darton
Kathleen H Taylor Daughter3   Kirkburton
George TaylorBrother40Single Farm LabourerShelley
Abode: Queen Street, Skelmanthorpe, Yorkshire Piece: 3561 Folio: 103 Page: 22 No: 181
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Harry Radley Head20Married Brick LabourerSkelmanthorpe
Mary Jane RadleyWife20Married Costume Weaver (Worsted)Emley
Charles Radley Son1   Cumberworth
Abode: Lodge Street, Skelmanthorpe, Yorkshire Piece: 3561 Folio: 105 Page: 31 No: 202
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Henry Hey Head62Married FarmerSilkstone
Ann HeyWife60Married  Cawthorne
Albert Hey Son30  Farmer (Son)Holmfirth
Robert Arthur Hey Son23  Farm LabourerHolmfirth
Gertrude E Hey Daughter17   Holmfirth
Cora A Hey Daughter10  ScholarSkelmanthorpe
Abode: Commercial Road, Skelmanthorpe, Yorkshire Piece: 356 Folio: 107 Page: 35 No: 223
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
George Ward Head40Married Mason's labourerEpworth, Lincolnshire
Ann WardWife39Married  Emley
John T Ward Son17  Coal TrammerCawthorne
Freddie Ward Son14  Coal TrammerEmley
Arthur Ward Son9   Scunthorpe
Charles M Ward Son6  ScholarScunthorpe
Hannah J Ward Daughter3   Clayton West
Abode: Arkenley Lane, Almondbury, Yorkshire Piece: 3562 Folio: 43 Page: 6 No: 44
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Ben Wortley Head47Married Hay & Straw DealerShelley
Mary WortleyWife45Married  Shelley
Harry S Wortley Son25Single Hay & Straw DealerMoldgreen
Lavinia Wortley Daughter22Single Woollen Cloth MenderMoldgreen
John E Wortley Son9  ScholarAlmondbury
Emily Wortley Daughter7  ScholarAlmondbury
Frank Wortley Son5  ScholarAlmondbury
Abode: Lascelles Hall Village, Lepton, Kirkburton, Yorkshire Piece: 3564 Folio: 10 Page: 13 No: 75
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Joseph Hey Head26Married Butchers AssistantShepley
Alice HeyWife27Married  Meltham
George Hey Son1   Lepton
Arthur Hey Son3w   Lepton
Abode: Hunt Royd, Whitley Upper, Flockton, Yorkshire Piece: 3564 Folio: 79 Page: 13 No: 74
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
George Fisher Head46Married Coal MinerHunt Royd
Sarah A FisherWife39Married  Grange Lane
Harriet Fisher Daughter20Single Cotton WeaverHunt Royd
Fred Fisher Son18Single Coal MinerHunt Royd
Beaumont Fisher Son16  Coal MinerHunt Royd
Eliza A Fisher Daughter14  ScholarHunt Royd
Rhoda E Fisher Daughter10  ScholarHunt Royd
Emily Fisher Daughter4  ScholarHunt Royd
Herbert Fisher Son2   Hunt Royd
Stanley Fisher Son8m   Hunt Royd
Abode: Clough Gate, Whitley Upper, Yorkshire Piece: 3564 Folio: 88 Page: 11 No: 62
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
John Moxon Head76Married Retired JoinerKirkheaton
Ellen MoxonWife69Married  Shelley
Samuel Moxon Son28  Farm LabourerWhitley Upper
Sarah Moxon Daughter25  Dress MakerWhitley Upper
Abode: 37, Colne Road, Huddersfield, Yorkshire Piece: 3566 Folio: 5 Page: 4 No: 22
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
James Moxon Head36Married General CarrierKirkheaton
Hannah Moxon Wife35Married  Kirkheaton
Alice McMullenStepDau16  Cloth MakerHuddersfield
Annie M McMullenStepDau14  Cloth MakerHuddersfield
William McMullenStepSon12  ScholarHuddersfield
Abode: 4a, Dundas Street, Huddersfield, Yorkshire Piece: 3566 Folio: 103 Page: 3 No: 10
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Luther Ellis Head36Married Out Porter R PortSilkstone
Martha EllisWife30Married  Bradfield
Cally S Ellis Daughter14   Penistone
Maud S Ellis Daughter5   Penistone
Walter Ellis Son2   Huddersfield
Abode: 4, Edmund Terrace, Bath Street, Huddersfield, Yorkshire Piece: 3568 Folio: 115 Page: 33 No: 190
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Dora BlackerServant23Single NurseCawthorne
Abode: 182, Bay Hall Common Road, Huddersfield, Yorkshire Piece: 3570 Folio: 118 Page: 45 No: 298
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Hartley TaylorLodger24Single DyerHuddersfield
Abode: 3, Beighton Road, Huddersfield, Yorkshire Piece: 3573 Folio: 69 Page: 46 No: 294
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
John Woodhead Head58Married FarmerFulstone
Ann WoodheadWife52Married  Shepley
Arthur Woodhead Son26Married WeaverFulstone
Emily J WoodheadDauLaw26Married  Shepley
Frank WoodheadGrndSon3   Huddersfield
Walter Woodhead Son22Single Labourer (Heavy Plate)Fulstone
Ellen Woodhead Daughter20Single KnotterFulstone
Alice Woodhead Daughter13   Fulstone
Ernest Woodhead Son10  ScholarFulstone
Abode: Yews Mount, Lockwood, Huddersfield, Yorkshire Piece: 3575 Folio: 17 Page: 28 No: 186
NameRelationshipAgeCondition OccupationWhere Born
Eleanor WortleyNurse14  Nurse GirlHuddersfield

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